►This simple drill helped Brian Harman win the Open championship

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Not many golf coaches on YouTube even coach golf anymore! I am an active golf coach taking inspiration from live lessons to deliver relatable golf coaching content. Having worked under Pete Cowen for 3 years the information I provide really is from the top table!

The content you will find on this YouTube channel will be informative golf tips that will help you improve not only your golf swing but your golf game in the sole purpose of lowering your scores and enjoying golf more & more.
Other content will include golf club reviews and golf accessories which can help you improve your understanding of what to buy as the market is constantly changing and being saturated by brands.
A lot of the content you will find on the channel is of Andy Carter being out on the golf course showcasing real-life scenarios and shot that all golfers will encounter on the course. If you can improve these areas of your game then for sure scores will lower.
Popular content throughout the years has been golf course vlogs,with Andy either playing against the golf course in his Carter vs Golf series, or playing against fellow PGA professionals, Tour professionals and even amateurs. This content is not only a great watch but also a great learning experience for viewers.

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11 Replies to “It Is THIS EASY TO IMPROVE Your Golf.”

  1. Brian Murray says:

    I've figured out why your not playing so well. It's because you and Seb were complaining about your tap in birdies. Now you are being punished.

  2. I enjoyed watching Brian Harman he should that you don’t have to swing out of your shoes and over power the course . He hit he’s tee shots in the fairway stayed out of trouble and has a great short game

  3. Getting back to basics in the setup, I love it. It looks very much like what Pete Cowen teaches in his pyramid of learning golf video series. I love how you surprise yourself at times on how well you strike the ball 😅 don't sell yourself short, you typically strike it very well.

  4. Rob Thomsen says:

    Agree that I don't understand the Harman hate. People have pointed out that if it was Rory or Scottie or John Rahm with the same scores, it would have been considered a dominant and exciting performance. Brian played boring golf, but we all need to learn to play more boring golf. When Tiger won at the same course it was also boring golf. But he was Tiger.

  5. Ugly Golf says:

    I'll have to give this a try. My last 2 rounds have been abysmal 😂 Spraying the ball all over the shot 😮 I'll have the length but pull it left. I've even S…… a few too 🤦🏻‍♂️

  6. I got obsessed practicing with alignment sticks on the range- but soon started aligning to them as part of my routine and felt lost on the course. Your point about using them and not using them interchangeably is vital imho

  7. I use this drill but put the stick aligning to the target on the other side of the ball , I read somewhere that for someone with an Over the top move it helps ….. but the hands over the stick is awesome visual . Great simple drill as usual Andy

  8. T J says:

    I thought it was gonna be a 10 foot and in putting drill. Reckon holing 58 of 59 putts from 10 feet and inwards helped him win more than anything.

    Jokes aside, good drill though.

  9. Malcolm A. says:

    I love my alignment sticks for practice sessions whether its irons or putting.
    And Id love to see what putting drills Brian Harman uses – his putting stats inside of 10 feet were freaking awesome.
    By the way Andy – nice to see you over 75k subscribers – your hard work and talent is paying off!

  10. Paul 55 says:

    Nice one, Andy. That's what I've been doing with my sticks, although I haven't been taking mine away after 5 shots. I will the next time though. Cheers 👍

  11. Jack Dempsey says:

    Thought you were gonna teach us to waggle the club 🤣

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