"It was a shambles, it was pathetic!" | Gary Neville on "disgusting" Chelsea performance

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Gary Neville gives his thoughts on Chelsea’s performance against Arsenal in the Premier League, and how the set up of the club can be improved to change the on pitch performances so that they could be challenging for silverware next season.
Watch the full episode of The Gary Neville Podcast here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t5fGMKtsLqM

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20 Replies to “"It was a shambles, it was pathetic!" | Gary Neville on "disgusting" Chelsea performance”

  1. Top Cat says:

    That’s ripe coming from a guy who could never manage his way out of the Manchester Poundland shop…😮😂😂😂 when he tried his football management career…..(classic failed) 😂😂

  2. Garry must not watch United play….

  3. He never said that about utd when got hammeredby 7

  4. Better than his Valencia Team

  5. I am a Liverpool supporter & it wouldn`t matter to me if it`s Garry Neville or Jamie Carragher talking like this, it helps nothing & is the wrong way to go about it, no matter how much you justify it. if I was a Chelsea player or any player or manager listening to this negative banter rubbish & taking it on board, it would smack my moral & only make my next match all the harder.

    Yeah no doubt Chelsea have been playing poor of late & they don`t need anyone reminding them of the obvious, being constructive, offering solutions in a positive way & letting the Chelsea crew, grind it out to get to the root of the problem helps resolve it.

    Sometimes ex players should just shut up with there for the ratings & self promoting shock value punditary & is clearly more about there ego & popularity then for the good of the game.

  6. Jiraiya says:

    tuchel and frank are def on pcp

  7. Rhino TV says:

    So Gary let me get this straight, you claim its the owner's fault, yet if they get the right managerial appointment they would compete for top 4? Pulling mental gymnastics just to avoid saying that both Potter and Lampard were horrible? Can't blame English managers I guess

  8. TTT S. says:

    among many other things, Putin screwed up Chelsea too.

  9. Shane Ali says:

    It wasn’t as bad United performance against Liverpool

  10. Judy Thebus says:

    When does this man retire from Skysports. You'd swear he has has a wall filled with league cups etc.

  11. It’s amazing that Lampard keeps getting decent managerial opportunities. Great player, poor manager

  12. L.S. says:

    tuchel is so overrated. failed to mount a title challenge during his chelsea and dortmund reign. lost the dressing room at psg. wouldnt be surprised if he gets sacked within 18 months at bayern.

  13. 254 Unknown says:

    I Thought this was made Quite clear Gary Neville's only Job is to Say "THIS IS MANCHESTER UNITED"

  14. I was thinking same with best team on paper worst performance, I'd have expected with experienced players ( thiago silva, kante, kovacic etc ) would have took a lot more control of the game

  15. Joe browm says:

    Gary u was a top manager at valencia looool

  16. Joe says:

    Poch won't win anything.

  17. Tom Creasey says:

    The media handling of Frank Lampard just proves that you can't have an environment where every pundit is an ex-player. They'll never criticise their mates, even when their incompetence is as clear as day. It's like the emperor's new clothes.

  18. Remind him his time at Valencia

  19. ACS says:

    Remember when Utd lost 7 – 0 to Liverpool and he said it was a freak result. A one time thing but they literally lost 4 – 0 to Brentford and conceded two hatricks at the Ethiad. He wasn't speaking about United like this. 😂

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