James Wiltshire Vs Alex Malins – Crosland Heath Golf Club

James wiltshire Vs Alex Malins

Crosland Heath Golf Club

Alex’s IG – alexander.malins


28 Replies to “James Wiltshire Vs Alex Malins – Crosland Heath Golf Club”

  1. Great video series James loving the content, 2 nil to the South so far best of luck with the rest of the matches 👍

  2. Prima Facie says:

    Loving this simple but very interesting series, meeting normal pro golfers and seeing the courses. Great networking opportunity with those northern monkeys for a southern softie 😂

  3. Love it James! Alex called me after you finished, to say you’d filmed a challenge vlog. Anytime you’re back up north, you’re welcome to play my home track of Sale in Manchester. Film a challenge in my channel and one on yours, if you like?

  4. Hope you give James Robinson a good hiding in the next match

  5. Ian C says:

    soft southerns in the long trousers! lol

  6. Terry says:

    Great watch this mate, apart from that fella sounds like the mic is up he’s nose 🙉

  7. Love the content…. However some of the distance to hole in the green looked like slight ‘under estimates’

  8. Great course near where i grew up and a good idea for a series. Keep it up! Saddleworth also v good.

  9. MegaJoeytube says:

    Enjoying the series. Would be great to see you play matches like this for the top 100 in England or matches in each county

  10. ieldepiel says:

    Great series James, love those courses you play

  11. Enjoying this content mate, keep it coming!

  12. Great series, enjoying these vids.

  13. PhotoDude801 says:

    Really enjoying this series up "North". One question: Is your editor color grading the videos? They appear a bit "flat". Maybe more saturation and/or contrast? 🤔

  14. Dean ALM says:

    Can’t believe you have come this far and not played Lindrick James..!!!

  15. roger schuck says:

    Good vlogs nice change James, Alex just of the mark but rematch sounds good

  16. Really enjoying this series up "North" with us lads!! Its quite refreshing and with knowing some of the courses makes it even better.

  17. Frans Botha says:

    James, you really do like South Africa right?

  18. 2007zodiac says:

    Sorry Alex,but that microphone made you sound like Darth-Vader for the whole vid!!,lol..as for JAMES, your playing ‘SHREK’, in your next match?? If you lose to ‘SHREK’ I’m Gonna un-sub, and you should pack-up Golf forever!!

  19. Robert Brady says:

    Who tf is putting the distance of the putts, bit off I reckon 😂

  20. Craig Medeck says:

    You shouldn’t censor the curses mate. Not sure anyone would care anyway. Videos are great.

  21. Simon Brown says:

    Really enjoying this format keep it up

  22. Adam Adamski says:

    Good camera guy!! THX

  23. James, some constructive feedback from me…

    Production, golf and content are all great, however, can you please work more on the accents 😂

  24. Love these matches ! Cheers ! 🙏👍

  25. Oki Mike says:

    Good stuff. Enjoying this theme

    Alex didn’t quite have it going today, but good lad and fun to watch. Thanks

  26. And that my friends is why hats were invented! He’d give Harry a run for his money with that bouffant! 🤣👍

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