Jay Monahan Explosive Memo-Fairways of Life w Matt Adams-Thurs July 27

Matt Adams breaks down Jay Monahan’s latest explosive memo to the PGA Tour which covers the PIF agreement progress, shake ups in staffing and a rejection of the distance proposal. We also talk about the latest news surrounding the Ryder Cup and hear from Nelly Korda and Rose Zhang as the LPGA Tour is at the Evian.


25 Replies to “Jay Monahan Explosive Memo-Fairways of Life w Matt Adams-Thurs July 27”

  1. LIV players by and large resigned from the PGA Tour. They're only subject to discipline if they if they reapply for Tour membership. If you're one of severally young players, or want to play the Senior PGA Tour, they're not just giving you a pass. If you were never a Tour member you need to apply and qualify.

  2. Andrew_L says:

    How can you “discipline” independent contractors when they didn’t have contracts with the PGA and just because they chose to work for someone else……? The PGA is asking for more legal action to take place from players

  3. The punishment is all ego driven and Jay, Roy and Tiger are proof. Funny how right after LIV you get TMRW golf. Also, you notice that the bonus structure is geared towards the best known golfers not the majority of the PGA members.

  4. Grow the game !
    Dont limit the yards
    Via robots speed – humans play dumb USGA

  5. Jim Langdon says:

    LIV the PGA Tour investors should be giving LIV players bonuses and special shares – to reward them for fostering International Golf – Golf backed by Saudi investors.

    The PGA Tour Golf players who stayed – got more money from the PGA Tour – because the LIV golfers left the PGA Tour & left more prize money for those who stayed. So as Rahm says – there is no reason for any compensation for those foolish enough to have missed out in joining LIV.

    I think Jay should politely step aside to spend more time with family and friends.

  6. Robert says:

    I hope the deal falls through! I want to see LIV survive with PIF throwing more money at the LIV tour! Monahan will destroy it if he has control! I don't see it working out! At least hope not……yet!

  7. Craig Moy says:

    I love LIV have merchandise, screw the wingers LIV should remain the global product, they spent a $1Bn on it, they are not throwing out the branding. They may change the name of events i.e. the Super Series or Rolex series but they will be POWERED by LIV……LIV will remain a parent brand like PGAT.

  8. Just saw a guy who hits it about 290 beat some of the best players in the world. Why penalize him. Bottom line you drive for show and putt for dough. Mr. Harmon proved that last week.

  9. Jesus why is Jay still in charge. Why didn’t the players get rid of him. This has turned into the biggest bunch of B.S. that I have ever seen.

  10. Dave Poole says:

    Sounds like the guys in the pga are nailing down their position and the players are left to fend for themselves. The pga needs a clear out, jm still can't be trusted.

  11. Thought the Players are independent contractors and as such have the right to work were they please, yet to hear of 1 LIV player wanting to return to the tour. I seriously doubt that a LIV Player is interested in grinding week after week for some non descript irrelevant events. Players are more aware than ever that their bodies only have so many swings in them and its important to pace your body.

    Seems to me the PGA is adding more top level cost to its infrastructure, not good for a cash strapped organization. If the deal fails to go through I can't see this being a positive for the tour.

  12. Jhawker says:

    The LIV players will never pay a dime to rejoin the PGA Tour … The players are independent contractors and as such have a right to make deals for themselves.. The only way any of the LIV golfers will want to rejoin the PGA Tour is if LIV dies and the PIF will not let that happen. ( all the this is my personal opinion and nothing if from any other individuals )

  13. N. I. says:

    Matt nailed it, Dom reacts or over reacts emotionally and sometimes irrationally, where Matt reacts logically and objectively. Great show today, the less Dom says “I” the better the show. Sorry for the Dom shading. 😊

  14. N. I. says:

    Because how things transpired under JM, it feels like anything he says is suspect and cannot be believed. I don’t understand how the pga players can move forward with him as their leader. Remember, players wanted him ousted. This policy board structure seems like players can still be out voted.
    If this is a new partnership, where is LIV and LIV players representative? It seems they want to make this partnership work as it benefits the PGA but not LIV. Agreed that the LIV top players are happy where they are and have no desire to come back especially if “punishment” will be given so it seems nothing will change. Still seems like a farce to me. Still one sided.

  15. None of the liv players will do it they are not going re qualified

  16. Kevin 14 says:

    What better way to bury Colin Neville story than randomly thro rollback under bus.

  17. Sam Komar says:

    Have not heard one LIV player mention wanting to come back to the PGA

  18. before I hear the memo, my first question is very important! Do you really trust JM to give the whole truth and nothing but the truth?? Ya didn't think so! now I'll listen

  19. Last Match says:

    The players are employees. To suggest anything else is just propaganda.

  20. Jay "TWO FACE" Monahan and his minions are pretending to have leverage. They ran to PIF and Yasar to save their fake Non -Profit PGA from bankruptcy. The same PIF that own 75% of Liv golf.
    Patrick "slowplay" Cantlay is nothing but a sheep for Jay Monahan.Tiger Woods, Rory Mcilroy, and now Patrick Cantlay make up the "so-called" player group of pga. Its a farce. They lack altruistic motive for their follow golfers. The only grace for the rest of the thousands of PGA players to break up this cartel is to create a player union independent of the pga.

  21. Hard to believe anything he says now,players beware,fooled you once shame on him,you know the rest

  22. JW P says:

    How about we frame this not as a punishment to those who joined LIV but rather a reward to those who stayed loyal to the PGA Tour? We can't pretend that the guys who thumbed their nose at the Tour and joined Greg's clown show didn't know they were making a decision that would bring them serious consequences. Negative ones included. And shouldn't the Rory's of the Tour be rewarded for their loyalty? Of course they should.

  23. mark hinde says:

    I think I understand where Dom was coming from, for example one of the players directors "hates" LIV, and may also have vested interests elsewhere, please correct me if I have got the wrong angle on this….

  24. Will you please discuss how in the world the PGA could possibly discipline LIV players? This idea drives me crazy! How can you punish someone in a free market society!

  25. G. Wills says:

    Great show team FOL! It’s good to be back online following my adventure in golf to Casa de Campo in the Dominican Republic. 👍

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