John Lynch Explains Why the 49ers Haven’t Extended Nick Bosa’s Contract Yet

Grant Cohn films John Lynch explaining why the San Francisco 49ers haven’t extended Nick Bosa’s contract yet.


49 Replies to “John Lynch Explains Why the 49ers Haven’t Extended Nick Bosa’s Contract Yet”

  1. Stop signing players but get the nick bosa deal done stop the bullshitandsign him.

  2. bluerider88 says:

    We want bosa lets not make another jerry rice mistake

  3. No doubt Jed has Paraag trying to add some discounts to Bosa's deal and Bosa aint having it 🤣 having said this Lynch is right the 49ers do have a great track record of taking care of their own players money wise.

  4. The NFL Hass to stir up all this fucking drama because the 49ers are hesitant about paying the best defensive player of the league. 49ers are notoriously cheap, even though they have one of the biggest fan bases in the world.

  5. I’ve been a Niner fan since the 90s and ever since Jed York took over they started getting cheap.

  6. I'm just gonna address up front how we won't address it

  7. Mike Henry says:

    I LOVE Bosa and he deserve a big payday but there also has to be a point where u have to think of the team to and the goal, i get where the players wanna get the most they can cause u never know what could happen, but some of these players act like they couldnt spend the rest of their life with 10-15 mill a year… noooo they want top money, i mean ya they earn it but damn, i dont think any sports player needs 30-40 million a year thats just nuts, but hey they earned it…… and yessss i get it if the owners are going to make billions off this players then the players should get as much as they can to….

  8. Rico.J49 says:

    Johns P’s scared the shxt out of me listening to this with the volume up in the car 😮‍💨😅

  9. Frisco 415 says:

    Bosa will go elsewhere if the 49ers organization drags there feet…SMH

  10. Ismael O says:

    Dude is the heart of our defense they better pay the man

  11. Boo 23 says:

    Lynch tensed right up when Grant started speaking. Folding his arms but tried to mask his uncomfortableness with his smile 😂😂

  12. I really like John Lynch as the 9ers GM

  13. Give Bosa his money stop playing

  14. Lynch is not a niner send his ass back to Tampa Bay or espn.

  15. piffdaddy420 says:

    they really need to find a new GM for the 49ers. he completely blew it with the lance pick. trading 3 first rounders for a bust was crazy. you dont do that unless you are absolutely certain. like andrew luck. i think that was the last sure thing qb that is actually worth 3 first round picks. lynch should be demoted or fired for that move. and the fact that they are not giving the best defender in nfl his contract is just ridiculous. 49ers have no fuckin leverage right now. this is the best defender and he knows it. just pay him what he wants and get it done. idk why the hell they wasted so much on hargrave when they know they needed to resign bosa and aiyuk.

  16. “The lightbulb came on for Sam yesterday, the game really slowed down” So apparently anyone can look amazing throwing to BA when he can burn the Niners DB’s 99 times out of 100 😂😂

  17. NoelG314 says:

    theres an episode in curb ur enthusiasm where they talk about the phrase " having said that.." 😅 lynch loves that phrase.

  18. yes Lynch Lance is improving 4 snaps in 4 years hahaha its hilarious what a big bust he is for you and Shannahan

  19. Fire John Lynch!! This deal should have been done months ago.

  20. Samuel Ault says:

    It’s not like he’s missed anything significant, imo 1on1s are worthless for lineman without pads.

  21. skip dog says:

    I wouldn’t sweat this. It’s just offseason drama. All these great players in the league, have agents who usually tell the players to hold out to get a bigger contract! Lynch is a defensive first GM, bosa is the heart of our defense! He’ll be back!

  22. GREED! These guys are hurting themselves and the team! Look at Deebo last year; never played up to his potential! Screw him!

  23. STAY WOKE! Don’t be distracted by the fake QB competition. This dude got the worst poker face in the world. Bosa is about to get paid but they think he’ll take less. Y’all not even paying the QBs. Y’all have the money.

  24. Dan Buckles says:

    Bla bla bla………..

  25. Salvy B says:

    Trade Bosa for three 1s and a 3rd than miss on those again… 😢
    Just sign him. HOF pay the man

  26. John Lynch does not like Trey Lance and never did. It was Coach Shanahan who wanted Trey on the team and the reason he never talks bad about him. The NFL is all about money now so it makes no difference who is playing on a team because they are all just slaves of the system. Think of the days of slavery when black men got traded and sold for money. This is what is happening in this NFL system and it will never change.

  27. M V says:

    Lynchs body language gets defensive when grant asks a question haha

  28. nfl is cheap bastards

  29. Why let Buckner go for sorry ass Kinlaw then?

  30. TARRERDOME says:

    Tom Brady and Drew Breeze used Doctor Tom House for throwing development!! The Patriots and Saints did not send them to Dr House. They chose him on their Own!!

  31. Bigtim3 says:

    Grant you about to change the game with these questions! Other journalists are gonna have to step their game up

  32. Dazza0187 says:

    It's a bit eye opening how they speak about Deebo relative to other players. He's being paid like a top 5 WR in the league and last year he was awful yet they talk about his year in positive terms. Other players sneeze the wrong way and they're in the doghouse!!

  33. Cool Frog says:

    Cause they wait and it’s complicated really not that hard to understand

  34. Quanah says:

    I don't like this guy.

  35. Bryan says:

    They dont like that he went outside the organization. Well, Kyle doesnt. John won a superbowl with Brad Johnson. He was a mediocre QB in his career at best. Having a guy who has the potential of the best QB in the league doesnt matter to him.

  36. Mark Miranda says:

    John and Jeb make wanting to play here so attractive. Looks what other owners and GM’s are saying and doing with their best players not being at camp. John really helps life run smooth in this organization. Handled the deebo stress figured out with class (wish deebo did the same but he panicked). I hope John takes the role of team president and stays here for the long haul even if we win it all in the next couple seasons. He seems to love this role and get better and better. I assume Adam peters will slide into his role with John still having a lot of sway. We are in great hands. People don’t give Jeb enough credit for not having an ego, spending all the money possible to put a winner on the field, and trusts/let’s the people he hired do their jobs.

  37. What even was that girls question? Deebo sent Kyle pics and he’s in great shape? I applaud lynch for being even able to answer something so dumb

  38. For all the faithful fans out there. Don't worry Bosa will be payed the highest a DE has been payed in history. We are not gonna lose the BEAR

  39. Tee C says:

    John Lynch's full of s***

  40. Ralph says:

    John Lynch really be up there ramblin' and saying nothing. A word salad technician for sure

  41. Hunter Hatch says:

    As a seahawks fan Idk why they haven't paid the man.

  42. Jason Brown says:

    There's 90 guys on the team at the moment and Grant you are always ready to talk about the same topic! Move on. You are boring

  43. R Dublu says:

    Its a pleasure to have a GM like Lynch. Makes the 49ers a class act.

  44. Richard says:

    The most pathetic thing I saw was the fact Trey Lance had to go outside of the organization for help to improve his game. Even Tom Brady had a coach to help improve his passing. Every year. The 49ers did absolutely nothing to bring Trey Lance along. They just felt that coming to practice is enough. Pathetic.

  45. Jorge Lopes says:

    It will get done he will be a 49er forever

  46. GameTime says:

    Trade him for kirk hunter and some draft picks

  47. DOC Ohm says:

    The Niners cant keep all their studs. Can they win without Bosa yep. I would argue right now Aiyuk is more valuable than Bosa long term.

  48. How do Sam and Allen get more reps for Trey???? He's lying about Trey his reps Trey to backup wrs don't make sense

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