Jump Higher Instantly With These Insoles

I tested every jump insole ever created and these are the greatest ever! It literally helps you jump higher instantly!

GET YOU SOME – https://vktrygear.com


50 Replies to “Jump Higher Instantly With These Insoles”

  1. Retreyu TB says:

    Not sponsored, Bribed. It's different.

  2. On the last ones you gotta brake them in

  3. HahTube says:

    Stop shouting pls!

  4. dream fan says:

    Im tryna be a dunker but im still a shooter

  5. MikY says:

    straighten the hoop and cut the nails

  6. Paul Fua says:

    You’re a entertainer 😅

  7. Get this man on SNL. Or hooked on phonics. I wish you would've done actual measurements, but great job.




  9. D4tB01_F1R3 says:

    stop shouting please

  10. Jrom Polo says:

    my ear hurts after watching this video! hahaha

  11. I’m 12 and 5 foot 3 and I can touch the net an inch up, but it still isn’t enough

  12. So make all these video now try to get people to buy something make every one be suck sucker sure Makes people something can market for sucker was guy had did a video of him running fast and the scam work for a 7 years until people could not run faster I was scam bleve to run faster got scam

  13. Heyy pleasee gift me the VKTRY PLEASE

  14. King says:

    The thumbnail goes crazy..

  15. horseman55 says:

    Bro is so humble he didn't show off he made them

  16. criotene says:

    Mad Kanye west energy

  17. Yoooo❤❤❤ can I get a pair!

  18. Waren Andre says:

    Bro I love the content, but please stop screaming at us…I beg you

  19. Samthefateth says:

    We got bamboozled

  20. Samthefateth says:

    Rex you are one nice and funny guy

  21. lol, shut up, my ear drums are bleeding

  22. Datrix says:

    All his screaming gave me a headache I remember why I stopped watching him

  23. BRANNAN HVAC says:

    Dudes annoying now

  24. Imagine pairing this up with an APL sneaker

  25. Maddog says:

    Loud a$$ nigg* 🤦🏿‍♂️

  26. please stop yelling at me 😡

  27. Jin says:

    The lady coming out hearing someone screaming for help😆😆

  28. Surray says:

    Did he say c when he meant b???? Still, best vids

  29. NumberButt says:

    bro now i jump so high i broke by neck on a 12'6 rim

  30. GLASS2002 says:

    You know it’s illegal to not state that the video is sponsored

  31. Noah Ben says:

    All insoles hurt if you are not used to wearing them, could that be the reason you say they hurt

  32. RayRae 559 says:

    Bro your reading skills are TOP TIER 😝🤣😭

  33. Tim Marker says:

    That bent rim..make it more lime 8 feet..lol

  34. Snovin08 says:

    Moi qui hésite à faire un Back Flip en ski, je me dis je vais faire la technique de yomi.
    Au pire je meurt😅
    Ah ca marche pas très bien 😅😅

  35. You should say when you get sponsored

  36. ONE328 says:

    Laughing…..Dude is Crazy. Great entertainment…..and information!

  37. NoodleStick says:

    Spend 150$ on an insole or buy a 200$ shoe? 🤔 Hmmmm….

  38. In the thumbnail it looks like he’s holding a pile of poop

  39. Definitely an unbiased review…

    Has an affiliate link for vktry

  40. Davin Hunt says:

    stayed for the humor!

  41. Narwall says:

    Imagine living in this neighborhood, no wonder Mr.Beast moved, you're so freaking loud man and your voice is so high pitch. Impressive athlete but man 10 minutes is just you shouting in the most annoying way and acting dumb

  42. Redwork says:

    I have a 30% off code for the VKTRY insoles you can use: MICHAEL82318

  43. Shaun Mw says:

    Bro fell off💀

  44. clive farmer says:

    this guy is a right dumbass

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