Just trying to have a private range session at this public golf course, ok?! #golf

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St. André Golf

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21 Replies to “Just trying to have a private range session at this public golf course, ok?! #golf”

  1. Sounds like a tennis match

  2. Lil Scotchy says:

    That's why I always go to the furthest left pad.

  3. Zach Helton says:

    Good ole fox creek

  4. drjmankx37 says:

    I’m a real human boy lol

  5. If you closed your mouth, nobody would look your way. It's all those exasperated loud sighs and exclamations that draw strangers eyes.
    If u have to make all that noise, hit early in the morning or in the middle of the night. Nobody around to look at u every time u scream, "GAWW!"

  6. Spartacus says:

    Then dont disturb other People at the range

  7. 1982Nels says:

    The noises are nothing like a tennis match

  8. ironside eve says:

    It's the opposite at my range…

    Every dipshit who doesn't know what they're talking about forcing their 'advice' on you

  9. dttruman says:

    Many insecure golfers do this when they are frustrated, they PROJECT

  10. Ralph Green says:

    Blondie looks like a blonde lord farquad

  11. Jose Garcia says:

    How true 😂😅😆

  12. Hannah is hilarious 😅

  13. You can’t get mad at yourself when you’re terrible. You have no right to be getting mad that you don’t hit good shots. That’s what the pros are for 😂😂

  14. Bronco 2 says:

    This is gold, I needed this laugh bad – thank you

  15. mxrdock says:

    these videos are so high quality

  16. The one in the middle is definitely a dude.

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