Justin Fields wants more energy from the Chicago Bears offense at training camp | CHGO Bears Podcast

Justin Fields did not have his best day at Chicago Bears training camp. Neither did the offense as a whole. Teven Jenkins left practice with an injury. Jack Sanborn didn’t practice at all. There was a lot of chirping on the second day of padded practices. Plenty for Adam Hoge, Mark Carman, Nicholas Moreano and Greg Braggs Jr. to chirp about on the CHGO Bears Podcast.

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33 Replies to “Justin Fields wants more energy from the Chicago Bears offense at training camp | CHGO Bears Podcast”

  1. jim smith says:

    Playing on your cellphone like a "busy" 13 year-old during a video stream is hilarious! 😂😂😂

  2. Syndor1 says:

    Is it just me or is Cram annoying AF?

  3. LEVELEN1 says:

    When Carm wants to speak, he stops listening & makes a goldfish face.

  4. Big Daddy says:

    I enjoy how Nick just sits there quietly laughing at the Braggs Carm shenanigans

  5. Big Daddy says:

    Need Chase and Wright to be those guys that fire up the offense, but neither of them have earned it yet. Not sure if we have a high energy RB that can give that juice. I'm surprised Teven doesn't run his mouth some, he's a dominant player when rollin. This is one of the problems of having a young unestablished team. No Jason Kelcy or Tom Brady to set the tone. We need Juicestin Fields!

  6. Tee Mo says:

    dude!!! why you got on that hat with those colors. just cuz it has a bears logo doesnt make it right!!!

  7. M Mejia1981 says:

    The offense can’t dominate r even win every day. There’s 2 sides of the ball n they’ll ALL be fine. Keep up the good work boys! Bear Down!!

  8. M.L. Fields says:

    I like that we are talking about a good secondary. Two years ago that was the worst group on the team. Last year Poles drafted well and fixed it. That bodes well.

  9. jesse dhom says:

    Give details guys. Why was the offense getting there asses kicked? Was o line bad passes bad catches what was the reason the offense sucked?

  10. Derral Upton says:

    Potass ALWAYS asks fucked up questions. Last year, you could tell he pissed Flus off asking the same question over and over about an injury.

  11. Derral Upton says:

    There's Cram thinkin again!😢

  12. Derral Upton says:

    Coward is a highlighted ASSHOLE!😂😂😂 Tell em Bragg's! Just smack Carm once!😂😂

  13. Ace says:

    Today was Carm's wet dream. His Caleb poster will be extra sticky tonight.

  14. Derral Upton says:

    Unfortunately Tevin has a weak back, and he can't stay healthy. This is the BEGINNING of his career, so that means it probably won't be a long career.😢 He's a BEAST when healthy!

  15. TheTwuh says:

    I love this show, this group is incredible!!!

  16. JH 257 says:

    Always thought from watching JF on TV he needed to be more animated

  17. Derral Upton says:

    Bragg's looks like Jake of the Blues Brothers!! 😂

  18. Derral Upton says:

    Cram paying with gold dust!!😂😂

  19. Derral Upton says:

    Go play tennis😂😂😂

  20. Derral Upton says:

    Here comes the wet mop!! Cram is speaking again!!

  21. Derral Upton says:

    I told you, Terrell Lewis ain't no punk!! He can rush the passer!! Braxton needs to get his hands right!!

  22. Get on they azz justin love it thats what he supppose to do

  23. Absolutely Nobody:

    Carm: "Jews equal, cool" ✊🏽😎

  24. dapperdan343 says:

    I love that this defense is developing some swagger, they were an unwatchable joke last year.

  25. Alien Xpress says:

    Offense better get with the program and stop being soft😂

  26. YahBoyBoogie says:

    Justin going crazy Friday I promise you that. 🐻⬇️

  27. JJ says:

    I don’t care what the back up qb is doing who cares if he has a bad day unless you think fields isn’t it or getting injured either way I want the bears to get as high up in the draft to restart at qb.

  28. JJ says:

    It’s probably nothing or an indication of how this season will go.

  29. Ellis Smith says:

    Offensive line still have questions.
    Jenkins can’t stay healthy
    Davis is average
    Whitehair can’t snap consistently

  30. Clare Logue says:


  31. mmatip123 says:

    I’m excited for Friday

  32. Thank You it makes both sides better!!!

  33. mmatip123 says:

    Chicagos media sucks Biggs was doing mental gymnastics iron sharpens iron stop annoying jf1

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