Kings of Columbus: Doug and Bill talk Ohio State playing calling, quarterbacks and Sonny Styles

Doug Lesmerises and Bill Landis discuss what they saw on the first day of Ohio State camp, how the play calling structure between Ryan Day and Brian Hartline might work, update the quarterback battle between Kyle McCord and Devin Brown, get into new roles for Sonny Styles and Luke Montgomery and theorize on how OSU might use its deep running backs stable on this episode of Kings of Columbus.

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30 Replies to “Kings of Columbus: Doug and Bill talk Ohio State playing calling, quarterbacks and Sonny Styles”

  1. Lost KJ BOLDEN to FLA st.. it's time to fire Perry Elaino he has not landed one single Elite recruit since coming to Ohio State Sony Styles don't even count cuz he was coming if I was safety coach and he misses on every guy and frankly our safetys were worst part of Defense last season… And Proctor a 40 year old player should transfer and it's insane on number of guys we miss on because of how shitty ELAINO coaches and recruiting skills are he got clout of Sauce , who really was just a good underated player at Cincy and he has done nothing at Ohio State worst Position group for Ohio State is safety and we run a 3 safety Defense insanity… Someone somehow needs to figure out how to FIX THE MESS OR WE LOSE 2 GAMES THIS SEASON… IT'S TIME TO FIRE ELAINO I SAID FIRST AND ILL SAY IT EVERY PODCAST UNTILL OTHER WISE… HOW CAN YOU NOT COACH OR RECRUIT AND BE A COACH AT OHIO STATE YOUR IN THE WAY….

  2. I like you Doug. Always have always will

  3. John Hillock says:

    How come Doug gets a wider view on the video? Bill has the more interesting background!

  4. Bryan says:

    2 hours a little much. spread r out.

  5. Todd says:

    Great dive, Doug & Bill!

  6. mrillmakeit says:

    Best OSU podcast channel ever…hands down

  7. denny6789 says:

    Doug, this is the first time i feel you and the media are beating a dead horse. Ryan day is NOT giving it up and he's made that clear. Let it goo!

  8. Don’t think I can handle this dude, 50% is ok, 50% is annoying as all get out

  9. Peter K says:

    I saw it on x 😂.

  10. Brad Murray says:

    So happy you guys added Doug. He’s been my favorite buckeye beat reporter outside of the podcast guys, and now they’re all together. This is a dream team.

  11. Hire me THE! Apparently yall pay more than the plain dealer. Congrats Doug L!

  12. mrillmakeit says:

    Ryan Day is not the Pseudo QB Coach. He's the Official Quarterbacks Whisperer. Everyone knows that. 😅

  13. Ethan Clark says:

    Loving the new podcast boys great topics from Philly billy and French vanilla lol

  14. DA S.C. says:

    If everyone on D knows where they're supposed to be on every snap – especially in the fourth quarter when game is on the line-. and no one player is the only defender covering 40% of the defensive coverage territory then that would be progress. If Knowles can get that accomplished he might deserve to maybe keep his job.

  15. Dave Rice says:

    You have a young OL, inexperienced QB, a bunch of TEs and RBs. If Day doesn't man up with the running game this season I'm gonna pull my hair out!

  16. Ben McGue says:

    Doug calling them “street drugs” is the best thing ever 😂

  17. Could you imagine Doug and Tim May doing a show together?

  18. the willows says:

    I started with letterman row. years ago but the evolution of the podcast has become a monster of its own. I'm so ready for the season let's go. Great job guys. honest questions, great insight

  19. JV1 says:

    I know a lot of people like Doug, but I’m not one of them.

  20. Mr. Reliable says:

    I would much rather have Steven Means than Doug

  21. Bryan Karst says:

    In 2016 I feel that Urban really didn't know until the very end who was starting during the Cardale/Barrett sitation…Converesly I think deep down Day already knows who he is going with….do you?

  22. i have never been so happy to get an hour 53 minutes of anything literally fist pumped when i saw the runtime Doug & Bill restoring the feeling forreal

  23. Duncan Monts says:

    It’s always sunny on the kings of Columbus

  24. Tim Johnson says:

    I’m of the opinion that even if you already know that Kyle McCord is going to be the starter you need to make deven ready for starting at any moment because you never know when you will need him. This is big boy football and every decision you have to treat it as such. Go Bucks.

  25. Ben Higgins says:

    Shoot this content straight into my veins

  26. Bra y’all have the football IQ of a slice of bread 😂😂

  27. mgoboski says:

    Is Doug going to get his national show with the emphasis on northern teams like he promised or is he stuck only doing OSU for this new media outlet?

  28. Doug is FOS about CJ in 2021 and I’ll prove it=> first half vs Minnesota, how many points did we score in the 1st quarter ? In the 2nd quarter ? Who was leading at halftime ?

    That was our 1st game.

    Let’s do the same thing for CJ’s 2nd game. How many points in the 1st and 2nd quarter? And who was leading at halftime ?

    Then look what happened in the second half.

    Those were our first two games!

    Clearly not our defense’s fault => it was CJ’s.

    Now do the same exact thing with our last 2 games. Same questions.

    Same BS…..same slow starts……same record…..same QB ratings.

    The only game our defense may have had some culpability is versus Utah and we won that game with great defense in the second half.

    CJ and our Offense didn’t show up early in all of those games => and they were projected as being the best offense in all of FBS.

    At least tell the historical truth in hindsight. Just repeating your BS narrative won’t change it => except for Buckeye Nation Kool Aid drinkers…..

  29. Greg Ras says:

    I think it could be both playcalling. Getting twice as many reps.

  30. Larry James says:

    Good call on Williams! I knew he's best at LB

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