Kona and Sai break down their plan of attack at Ledgestone! | Sunset Hills Practice Round

Sai Ananda and Kona Montgomery take us on a tour of the Sunset Hills course in Peoria, Illinois to prepare for the 2023 DGPT Ledgestone Insurance Open!

Thanks to our friends @AceRunProductions for filming!

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22 Replies to “Kona and Sai break down their plan of attack at Ledgestone! | Sunset Hills Practice Round”

  1. sai is just unreasonably fricking cool

  2. Just seems like Kona doesn’t know her discs.

  3. More Sai n less Kona pls. Kona got the bag n gave up on disc golf. Sai has so much potential n she is always having fun. She is dishing out so much knowledge for all the new girls that are getting started in the game.

  4. Kona bottom five… Sai top 10.. heard it here first..

  5. Kona +41 DNF? This is beyond sad. How could you win tournaments and then just forget how to play disc golf? Maybe the psychological pressure of getting sponsored caused the mental break. I have to think its something like that because you just can't go backwards on how to ride a bike so to speak but you can be afraid to get back on it…

  6. Hammer 67 says:

    ……And by 9:30 am on Round 3, Kona has a +31 round (not a typo) and DNFs. Solid plan.

  7. Good Luck WestSai !!

  8. I love Sai but get Kona out of her she's a complete joke. Everything she signed on to do she's done none of it. Her online content is garbage who's going to take tips from someone who's finishing at the bottom of the table week in and week out. +17 DNF this past tournament? What a freaking joke!!

  9. Mark Frank says:

    Shard hots made simple. A video by Asai Nanda.

  10. Kirk Frisco says:

    Here for the upskirts

    Meant upshots 😂

  11. MK212074 says:

    looks like Kona's plan of attack was to make literally zero putts round 2

  12. Solontire says:

    Need more Sai branded discs @Westside Discs! I’ll personally buy two immediately!

  13. South Toe says:

    so Sai's initials spell SPA

  14. Mitch Fuchs says:

    Everyone goes through struggles with there game and putting imo is always the biggest struggle. it can definitely make you over think and become frustrated. Kona will find her groove again and thrive. She’s got the talent to do so. She’s 100% not an AM.

  15. vicccey 1 says:

    Just picked up Sai's TS Bear

  16. Romius says:

    2 of my fav, gl this weekend you two

  17. Andrew says:

    She gets paid to play disc golf, therefore she is a pro. In terms of skill level, Kona is good but I really haven't seen her game evolve in a meaningful way. The field is slowly leaving her behind.

  18. Where ya bin, Sai? Great to see you back for Ledgestone!

  19. " she beef's off " lol 26:36

  20. Great video, love these girls!

  21. Im gradually falling more in love with sai

  22. I in no way to mean this to be mean, but Kona is an am. And it will never help a pro to do this.

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