Liga MX giants get a Round of 32 scare in Leagues Cup

0:00 – Intro

3:23 – Best things we saw from the last 3 Leagues Cup matchdays

5:17 – Nahuel Guzmán penalty shootout absurdity

10:18 – Clásico Regio Leagues Cup edition

13:34 – Bongi Hlongwane: Your Leagues Cup Gold Boot leader 

14:28 – Los Diablos de Toluca THE fun team to watch

18:38 –  Club América v Hany Mukhtar’s Nashville!

28:18 –  Orlando trash talk Messi, lose anyway

41:33 – Are Philly still East Region favorites? 

47:56 – Can Dallas stop the Messi show?

51:40 – LAFC are back and rested

56:22 – Transfer Window Deep Dive



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25 Replies to “Liga MX giants get a Round of 32 scare in Leagues Cup”

  1. greasy gringo corruption cup

  2. manchoguy says:

    Welp all I can say is good luck to my team rayados, berterame is out and we have lost against tigres most games the past few years, this is going to be a tough one it’s going to take everything we go to beat tigres

  3. Lol Americans talking about football is always a comedy 😂

  4. Cesar salas says:

    Desde cuándo chiqui tigres y montegay som grandes 🤣???????? Grandes es mi toluca 👹 no ésos pequeños

  5. Ed Chez says:

    No legit cup plays all games with home field advantage. Another thing, I know MLS is in Messi mania, but tilting things in his favor to hype up your league has a negative effect. It actually makes the MLS look amateurish and weak to have a old, post-prime player dominate so easily with a team that was ranked amongst the worst.

  6. LMAO… the gall ! … Your little Thieves Cup is riddled with flagrant referee partiality in favor of the MLS teams, the whole thing's a joke

  7. PSG > BARCA Messi is a crazy take. I don't agree. But I hear it to some degree.

  8. David Day says:

    There are Spaniards in Harlem??? Flamenco 💃 and Bullfighting🦬

  9. Disque gigantes y ninguno de esos pusieron del lado del Inter Miami una farsa este torneo!!!!

  10. No says:

    These guys have the worst take on futbol 😭😭 true definition of soccer bros right here

  11. Daniel Angel says:

    The guy who said LAFC was signing Chucky is not an lafc fan. He is a Portland Timbers fan who was trolling. Please do your research

  12. Vengan a jugar a México
    Sin el árbitro a su favor y llaves a modo

    El dia que LAFC juegue en el Nou Camp de Leon lleno
    Vancuver juegue en CU vs Pumas a las 12 del dia en domingo
    Columbus se meta al Azteca lleno
    Portland visite a Monterrey en el BBVA
    Revolution juegue vs Tigres en el volcan un sabado en la noche
    O Miami juegue vs Toluca en la Bombonera y ganen limpiamente ese dia diré que son mejores.

  13. Lucas Stehle says:

    Didn’t talk about unions transfer window 😢

  14. Pretty sure they don’t know DC United even exist

  15. Es gracioso cuando mencionan América y el traductor pone EEUU 😂 eso pasa por nombrar su pais con el nombre del continente y al América le sucede lo mismo
    América es desde Alaska hasta la patagonia y asi lo muestra el escudo del América 💛💙

  16. About time MLS catches up to them

  17. Ridículo de Chivas, Cruz azul, Pumas, león y Pachuca, los demas equipos de la liga MX eliminados son equipos de medía tabla para abajo, no se esperaba mucho de ellos, América bipolar, Monterrey y tigres aceptable y Toluca impresionante, sorpresa de Querétaro no creo que siga avanzando

  18. Mr Yax1024 says:

    This tournament was made so Messi can play the final against a Mexican giant. Look at how the groups and brackets were setup so none of the big Mexican teams play Miami until the final

  19. Erik's Earth says:

    I wish you had talked more about Timbers & Vancouver; they both did amazing against two juggernauts.

  20. nesesitamos uno en español

  21. I feel It's gonna be Toluca vs Miami in this Leagues Cup Final. 💯👍🏿


  23. Jack Bilo says:

    Why dont mls allow home and away matches? Seems like they're afraid of being humiliated in Mexico.

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