LIVE Offseason Fantasy Football Advice for 2023 – LIVE Discussion

LIVE Offseason Fantasy Football Advice for 2023 – LIVE Discussion

The 2023 Fantasy Football Season is getting close, but it’s never too early to start looking at 2023 Fantasy Football draft advice! In this episode of The Fantasy Headliners fantasy football podcast Jake will give fantasy football advice and break down some of the top things you need to do to have a great fantasy football draft in 2023 fantasy football. Who will be the top, must have players at Wide Receiver or Running Back? How do your rankings look for these wide receivers and running backs? You need to be sure to have these guys marked during your fantasy football draft! Be sure to hit that Like button and let us know how you have your fantasy football rankings right now!

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20 Replies to “LIVE Offseason Fantasy Football Advice for 2023 – LIVE Discussion”

  1. Intro is 🔥 don't change it again

  2. thank god the intro music is back 🎉

  3. I gotta time these live streams. Just watched the Gibbs video and it was (hella) 🔥

  4. alex kolatac says:

    if i take aaron jones in the 4-5th round do i have to handcuff aaron jones

  5. Bears fan here and that Kmet contract will haunt us later. 32:18

  6. James says:

    Missed it live but caught up! Love it! Headliner nation the best nation

  7. Jim Turner says:

    Your watch everyday..

  8. Tim Stone says:

    Would you keep Kupp or adams with 5 keepers my other 4 are ETN Walker Chubb st brown

  9. Ian Sierzega says:

    Will there be another live stream before the season starts? Sorry I missed out, won’t happen again. Got some good Fantasy questions. Love the content. Appreciate how dedicated you are to give out great Fantasy Football information.

  10. zach C says:

    St Brown or Devante Adams and then DJ Moore or Christan Watson?

  11. Brian Dennis says:

    DON’T drink a Four Loko! Not unless you want to get sick and a hangover! 😂

  12. Ethan Jones says:

    Wasn’t active with you guys last season… BUT I’M BACK! Let’s go win these chips ❤️

  13. Damn, I missed the Anna train

  14. Getting closer to football!

  15. this guy12 says:

    Ohh that intro is straight fire

  16. Got damn it. I was playing CoD with fellow Headliners. We had no idea there was a live stream! Forgive us.

  17. Dillon R says:

    How do you feel about hockenson

  18. Saying kelce isnt a first round pick is an all time bad take. Hes basically a Wr1 then you just need your wr2 to be more productive than other peoples tight end which is easy to do.

  19. Dam missed the live!

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