In this video Chris takes a look at the SuperSpeed golf training system which claims to increase your swing speed and add yards to your drives.


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  1. sawy78 says:

    Because of these golf swing techniques , Jοmtοnο Naha (Go ogle it), I was able to know “hows” and “whys” of a great golf swing and its various aspects. My irons increased 15 yards and my driver raised twenty-five after I done reading through the guide for the second time. Due to these improvements, I am more confident and I`m having more enjoyment with playing golf.

  2. Omega 13 says:

    Been using these for a while… definitely works. On another note, your students smash factor is terrible… possibly the wrong driver setup for him?

  3. Ethan Haas says:

    7 years already went by when I began playing and all those years were full of practices and training lessons. When I received the golf swing techniques , Jοmtοnο Naha (Go ogle it), I managed to create a 75 shot after 2 buckets. I was able to become more accustomed to several golf concepts such as grip, ball position as well as through swing drills. My previous handicap is 13, but now I`m beginning to lower it. This particular guide is fantastic!

  4. Navy Vet says:

    I’ve been using the super speed system for almost two years and it’s been an invaluable asset. Do you have any recommendations for other swing training aids?

  5. Jason Velez says:

    I firmly believe in this system. The neurological response of pushing your body beyond its comfort zone is where the jumps are gained… when I first started 6 months ago, I was timid trying to swing smoothly with each stick… the recorded speeds were not very impressive (107 mph average w/ the green stick) … over time my kinematic sequence started to improve along with my lag and ground force… I started to really open up and tap into a really explosive speed slot… I recently maxed out in one of my recent sessions at 140mpg 2 times… it is not a magic pill. It takes consistency and hard work. I am still on protocol 1 and will be switching over to the next protocol soon. For my case… I had a driver swing speed of 95-100mph last summer. Recently recorded my driver speed average after one of my protocol sessions at 121mph… my goal is to consistently achieve a 118mph smooth game ready swing speed by this Fall. So far, so good. You will need to work on your body and flexibility to support the program… can’t sit on the couch eating chips and think you will be magically vaporizing the golf ball.. no pain, no gain. Cheers, Chris

  6. John Reid says:

    Really good video, great to see a case study with data to back it up. Average gain of something like 20yards carry 👍

  7. Tim Wong says:

    Great video. Numbers do not lie. At the age of 72, I hope to pick up some swing speed. Do you think it is too late?

  8. Curious, what separates this from finding used drivers with shafts that match what you need, removing the head, and adding weights (like bearings/washers) to the bottom….?

  9. Well done to produce an unbiased review

  10. Chris, have you ever heard of or worked with a product call Orange Whip? The product uses a club grip, but has a weighted orange ball at the end, wanted to know what you thought, same principle.

  11. Peter Tyson says:

    Chris do you find the results are more noticeable in Driver distance? How does it translate to speed with irons?

  12. When you first start, it’s going to be more about the sticks “warming” you up and helping with your flexibility and mobility.

  13. David B. says:

    I understand the idea, however 200 quid for basically 3 shafts and grips is much too expensive. If you are a teaching pro then maybe it's worth the investment.

  14. Hi Chris. Are these super speed “sticks” available in South Africa?

  15. slalomdude68 says:

    How many days per week was he performing the routine ?

  16. Lloyd says:

    Good video…just a fraction misleading by showing the 4 because only a set of 3 is available. I'm not sure if you can add sticks such as the super light individually?

  17. Alan Stuart says:

    What I'm thinking with this, is that it is just a regular exercise programme that you could do with an actual golf club without hitting a ball. Not rocket science.

  18. I just received my set Wednesday and started protocol 1. My base line for driver 105mph 7 iron 84 mph.
    After first session driver 112mph 7 iron 90mph.
    One 7 iron swing I had at 97mph! I am looking forward to the process. One thing I am making sure of doing is staying in posture. So it feels the same on the range and course.

  19. An interesting point I think would be this, increasing efficiency by improving smash factor would generate more ball speed and therefore more distance. If a swing speed of 95mph had a smash factor of 1.48 then it would generate a ball speed of 140.6mph. If a swing speed of 100mph had a smash factor of 1.36 then the ball speed would be 136mph. Which ball speed and efficiency would generate a greater distance?

  20. Leigh D says:

    I would argue that a consistent training regimen with exercises for stretching would accomplish much the same result. I have seen and heard that pros do not swing at 100% but more controlled at 85% to keep the ball in the zone ( in play). This device could cause some serious problems for older gents as they try to behave like at 30 year old and throw out the back and side muscles with over exersion and extension (hard swings). How about a cricket bat instead? Cheers,

  21. Martin T says:

    Interesting video. Have you used the program for yourself Chris?

  22. MGN01 says:

    I seem to remember David Duval was championing something similar in his heyday. Wondering if this is similar.

  23. B2B Bogey says:

    That really proves it!🖒

  24. Hi Chris, interesting video. I do wonder though if it's the drills that are making the difference not the product? If I used a 3 wood, 6 iron and wedge (or 2 wedges) would I not get similar results? Also, I think for a rigorous statistical comparison I think one would need an understanding of standard deviation and if the pre versus post session were statistically different. I'm not saying they don't work but wanted to mention my thoughts. If this is a genuine effect, how is it working, do you think?

  25. Dan Day says:

    Hi Chris, i would be quite interested in buying a pair of these for training but where would i get them from in the UK! Cheers 🙂

  26. Peter Dewint says:

    A really helpful and serious review of a (rare) helpful golf training aid.Many thanks!

  27. HAPPY GOLFER says:

    Thank you Chris, great video. I am looking into getting a set.

  28. Dr. Q. says:

    But also started weight lifting since December : "starting strength" by Mark Rippetoe…. 3 times a week. So the results will be the consequence of both in some way.

  29. PC says:

    Great video Chris. I know you wanted to do an independant review but with the transparency of your review I.e the stats speak for themselves, you should have got a wager from superspeed 😉 I hope they send you a wee thank you for your efforts. Keep the vids coming, loving the content

  30. Dr. Q. says:

    I`m practicing in this way since 3 months. Stille 3 times a week. Hope to pay off after a while.

  31. Jack Tate says:

    My worry would be the faster you swing, the further the ball goes thus anything that goes offline could put you in major trouble.
    That said, if you want more distance it is certainly a way to achieve it.

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