Lori Vallow Daybell SENTENCED | Victim Impact Statements, Will She Make a Statement?

Lori Vallow Daybell faces 10 years to life in prison for the murder of her two youngest children, J.J and Tylee Ryan, and her husband, Chad Daybell’s first wife, Tammy Daybell. Judge Steven Boyce will allow victim impact statements in today’s LIVE proceedings, Lori Vallow will be offered the opportunity to make a statement, and then she will be sentenced. On May 12th, 2023, Lori was found guilty of conspiracy to commit murder, first-degree murder of all victims, and grand theft.

Victim impact statements by Kay Woodcock (JJ and Tylee’s grandmother), Tammy Daybell’s sister Samantha Gwilliam, Tammy Daybell’s aunt Vicky Hoban, Lori’s son, and a few others witnesses will be made. Lori is not facing the death penalty. Chad Daybell will be able to see the proceedings from the Fremont County jail, but will not be present in the courtroom.

Once she has been sentenced, Lori will be transported from the Madison County Jail to the Idaho Department of Correction, likely the Pocatello Women’s Correctional Center. She will still face conspiracy to commit murder charges in Arizona for the death of Charles Vallow, who was her fourth husband, as well as the attempted murder of Brandon Boudreaux, her former nephew in law. (She also does not face the death penalty there).

00:00:00 Intro
00:01:50 Court Starts
00:16:17 Tammy Daybell’s father’s letter
00:18:12 Samanthan Gwilliam Victim Impact Statement (Tammy Daybell’s sister)
00:25:00 Tammy’s Victim Impact Statements (Tammy Daybell’s Aunt)
00:38:00 Kay Woodcock’s Victim Impact Statements (JJ’s Grandma)
01:09:32 Colby Ryan’s Letter – Victim Impact Statement
01:13:27 Prosecutor’s sentencing recommendation
01:47:42 Defense’s sentencing recommendation
02:05:38 Lori Vallow MAKES A STATEMENT
02:15:20 Judge discusses the sentencing factors
02:30:00 Judge sentences Lori Vallow Daybell
02:47:20 Quick debrief of the sentencing
02:52:14 Post-Court Interviews
02:56:40 Larry Woodcock addresses the media
03:05:05 Kay Woodcock addresses the media
03:12:26 “They got the b*tch” – Gary (Charles Vallow’s brother)

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36 Replies to “Lori Vallow Daybell SENTENCED | Victim Impact Statements, Will She Make a Statement?”

  1. 00:00:00 Intro
    00:01:50 Court Starts
    00:16:17 Tammy Daybell's father's letter
    00:18:12 Samanthan Gwilliam Victim Impact Statement (Tammy Daybell's sister)
    00:25:00 Tammy's Victim Impact Statements (Tammy Daybell's Aunt)
    00:38:00 Kay Woodcock's Victim Impact Statements (JJ's Grandma)
    01:09:32 Colby Ryan's Letter – Victim Impact Statement
    01:13:27 Prosecutor's sentencing recommendation
    01:47:42 Defense's sentencing recommendation
    02:05:38 Lori Vallow MAKES A STATEMENT
    02:15:20 Judge discusses the sentencing factors
    02:30:00 Judge sentences Lori Vallow Daybell
    02:47:20 Quick debrief of the sentencing
    02:52:14 Post-Court Interviews
    02:56:40 Larry Woodcock addresses the media
    03:05:05 Kay Woodcock addresses the media
    03:12:26 "They got the b*tch" – Gary (Charles Vallow's brother)

    FULL PLAYLIST: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0cYrgj38mhq54LZ5iReuHpO5B_cYbW2N

  2. Dee Theresa says:

    The pain these victims feel is so horrible. Knowing Lori is sitting there with no emotion for what she did, has to be excruciating for the families of the deceased.
    Lori will have to answer to God one day. This sentence is nothing compared to the sentence she will get for eternity!

  3. Sierra Cole's.a missing mail woman in chicago???? Have u heard of this G😢

  4. Karina Xxx says:

    My God help me! Webster's Dictionary defines animals as give no love births, no motherly instincts. No care etc which would define the defendant perfectly. Most Animals!!, Would not stoop to the animalstic behavior in which this thing performed. It could never be defined in exhibiting caring nurturing or selfless manner. Let some of the real women in prison take care of her. Lori hold on to ur pants, that's all u have left covering ur ass

  5. Lori statement was out of control I want it torn up she is a monster

  6. Vicky’s impact statement was so well done shame on them to object

  7. Jen Hylton says:

    She is talking about god she don't read what he says about people who hurt is little kids then she miss that part

  8. Jen Hylton says:

    It was the devil he was showing how down a hell look it was not god you don't know how to cry you read the bible back way I say that was not heaven no no I told you it was hell

  9. Jen Hylton says:

    Did you not know that hope dies in conspiring

  10. Shocking when viewing the photos. She’s so evil. We can learn by this not to down the road of any evil at all as it ultimately destroys us as well as others.

  11. What happen to the death penalty unfair justice ⚖️

  12. Jrod says:

    Larry Woodcock is such an amazing man. An excellent grandfather. What a shame that this man's heart was broken because of Lori Vallow

  13. Elsa Nery says:

    The accused was completely damaged by mental insanity & she needs help more than anything else. If she's mentally normal, she wouldn't commit all these killings & negative testimonies. Remorse? She's under extreme shock , system disorder & numbness so it's not going to happen. This troubled person needs extreme mental rehab in an asylum so help her God

  14. Victoria says:

    Doesn't justice feel good even for viewers 🎉

  15. Samantha Fox says:

    I truly believe both lori and and chad are filled with evil demonic entities…

  16. Her lawyer makes me sick.

  17. Topsy says:

    Her statement… she actually believes what she's saying!

  18. Naomi Deleon says:

    Lori attorney's litteraly made me nauseated, i mean to the point i had to take my nausea meds… it wouldve been better if they just didn't speak at all !!
    The audacity of their sentencing recommendation 😤 😒 😑…..
    Good thing is baby killers are absolutely not left in peace in jail and well….. i wont say more about that .. .only that karma is definitely real . 💯

  19. Crying only for herself

  20. Can’t believe her smiling during grandma’s victims statement!

  21. Elisa Walsh says:

    Lori looks like she’s attending a boring school board meeting. She’s swinging her foot and not engaging in the impact statements.

  22. Kudo's to you Gary! May your brother live in peace ❤

  23. She should not have been allowed to speak at all when the Family's were reading their victim impact statements. I found that to be so cruel when Lori starting reading her mumble jumble in front everyone. I didn't think this kind of thing was allowed but i guess i was wrong. Hopefully it will effect her next trial!

  24. I didn’t think for. One minute shhe was respectful to the court

  25. Is that why you killed them because you loved how dare you say Tammy was your friend

  26. I can’t believe this monster

  27. Is this monster an actress

  28. The nerve of this monster she kiss inn Layla land gods help us

  29. This speech does not make sense to me she murdered her children why is he trying to get her a lighter sentence

  30. It is insane how this monster can sit here without any feelings for what shhe has done rot in hell Lauri

  31. Linda Dunn says:

    Lorie could still face death penalty in the death of charles.

  32. Linda Dunn says:

    She tried to plAY GOD AND GOD KNOWS how much each of us can handle in sickness it is up to him to TAKE US HOME not a man or women and I don't believe God told her to TAKE THERE LIVES .imo they wanted to be by there selves and were selfish .I pray that the death PENALTY IS ON THE table in Charles murder .This was horrific greed those children and Tammy did not deserve for there lives to be TAKEN IT was not up to Chad and Lorie they were wrong and both need to spend eternity alone .

  33. Nickel Hawk says:

    Couldn’t hear Gary speaking either. I don’t know what the rest of your people hear but I couldn’t hear anything from any of these people. The only people that you could hear anything from was the aunt in the sister the other people you couldn’t hear anything.

  34. Nickel Hawk says:

    Not that I was listening that much but you couldn’t hear the grandpa saying anything it was completely just nothing you couldn’t hear a word he said I don’t know about the rest of your people, but you couldn’t hear a word he said

  35. Nickel Hawk says:

    Two down one to go… 1… letecia stauch … 2 … Lori v Daybell …. Waiting for number three…. Chad Daybell if he is convicted and sentenced to life in prison without parole we will have all three exactly where they need to be.

  36. jaybee says:

    Idk if extolling her values, the leading one being she was a wonderful mother, is the right way to go when she’s just been found guilty of murdering them

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