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Lough Erne Golf Resort with Mark Crossfield, Coach Lockey, Dan Hendriksen and YGT’s Rory. The boys are on a four day Ireland trip and this is their second stop. An 18 hole matchplay battle with some bizarre incidents along the way. Play your best golf watching Mark Crossfield and his fun easy to watch golf videos.


Music by Ryan Little subscribe to his channel here http://www.youtube.com/TheR4C2010

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  1. I’m playing in a tournament here in a couple weeks what is your biggest tip for going low?

  2. Jason Waller says:

    The bird song is amazing

  3. James Walton says:

    Is mark on crack during this round!!??

  4. 18:15 yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah no yeah yeah yeah

  5. Alan King says:

    Oooh! Sexist 🤔

  6. That course looks amazing. I love it.

  7. Manny O says:

    Right elbow tighter to your body, straightens out your ball flight, finish at the target…Wedge solved mate

  8. Matt a star of the muppets

  9. Ty says:

    I need that kind of positive reinforcement in my life!
    I usually golf by myself so no one sees the occasional lawn dart I plop 3 feet to the hole.
    Nice shot Ray.

  10. I’d just entered Ray’s competition, looked up, and saw his ball drop nigh-on stone dead. Hope I win! Knuckleball!!

  11. Don Lunn says:

    New 2019 rules guys.

  12. Great looking place great video and what a great shot from Ray on the par 3. But looks like your have fun. And it not raining.

  13. the backdrop sounds with all the birds is just pure golf paradise. Question. what happend to "coach's" swing. did he change it or what made him miss that much ?

  14. Ryan Keaney says:

    I grew up 10 minute drive from Lough Erne in a beautiful (and very sleepy) corner of Northern Ireland. Lovely to see the lovely boys showing it some love from the off.

  15. Skye Cooley says:

    Can we all agree to call him "Unlucky Ray"?

  16. Dan B says:

    Interested as to why wouldnt Coach keep his old wedge swing going? I get the change for the rest of the bag but hes always been a very good wedge player, why change?

  17. joe harris says:

    Some shit golf boys!!

    But entertaining nevertheless

  18. Craig Monty says:

    Just for a bit of clarity. The new dropping procedure means that the drop must be taken from a height that is "knee height". Knee height is then defined as the height of your knee at a standing position. So once you have established what that point is, you could do a handstand if you wanted and drop the ball that way (as long as you let it go from that point which was determined as the height of your knee from a standing position). When they say its a relaxed procedure now, they mean that it can be dropped in a multiple of ways as apposed to the strict current format of standing erect with your arm outstretched at shoulder height.

    I 100% agree with you though that this change achieves nothing but just thought i'd explain it for those who don't quite follow what it means yet.

  19. tkvaughn999 says:

    Up and down? You mean “up and Dan”. Boom

  20. I loved that little three count zoom in on the bup, bup, bup beat of the music! Really cool effect on the intro! Well done!

  21. William P says:

    If you get a chance to play Oak Quarry in Riverside, CA(40 minutes from LA) , they have a spectacular par 3 , Hole 14

  22. MrKydaman says:

    A Little Lockey…..yes please!
    Cmon Coach, put your lovely boy skinny pin genes to work and bless the world with a new generation of magic.

  23. Superb looking course, with very fast undulating greens, man that's a test. What a lovely shot into that long par 3 Rory, great stuff fella's as usual. Top notch.

  24. bdiddy8239 says:

    This course looks dreamy.

  25. Played this course last summer absolutely stunning views and the course is fantastic .

  26. Adam Stewart says:

    32min did locky just assume the nationality of a Northern Irish bird?!?!?!?!? #triggerwarning

  27. What is this Rahm tekkers? Keep the triangle rigid and just rotate the shoulders through impact? And why doesn’t it work with wedges?

  28. Rory what a Tee Shot….. I don't care what anyone says, i watch this because of you guys camaraderie… if i want to watch amazing golf all the time I will watch the PGA tour on sky! keep it up guys… Brilliant!

  29. I notice you didn't want to talk about Custom Shop on the first green Mark 🙂

  30. Best golf videos anywhere,ever.

  31. Richard Neel says:

    Short game demonstrations here are exemplary. Shot brah.

  32. Roger Zorzan says:

    The course looks absolutely amazing! But those "houses" in the background of the 1st tee… Looks like Tom Cruise's idea of a Scientology retreat

  33. Roger Zorzan says:

    serious question; what if your arms/hands holding the ball aren't long enough to reach knee height..? I'm 6ft 2.. my drop would be 3/4 of thigh height standing up….

  34. Go on Ray!!! Wispy that man bun!!!

  35. Aidan McGale says:

    Where is the completion place to enter

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