Marella Discovery FULL Cruise Ship Tour

Come on a leisurely stroll with me as we explore every passenger deck onboard Marella Discovery cruise ship from 11 down to deck 2. I’ll show you all the venues, deck plans, route and lots of tips / hints along the way. Have you cruised with Marella or on Discovery? What did you think? Don’t forget I also have vlogs on our American Dream itinerary sailing Florida, the Bahamas, New York and Charleston.

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33 Replies to “Marella Discovery FULL Cruise Ship Tour”

  1. Sandra Lindo says:

    You must pay your workers well

  2. S C says:

    Funny enough were booked on this for next month! Looks amazing!

  3. Do marella discovery and marella discovery have the same same mapping deck sir??

  4. Were your flights arranged as part of the package?

  5. Linleys 360 says:

    What was that yellow lama-look-a-like-animal doing on the side deck, looking through the window?? What a nice tour, smooth and informative 🙂 Cheers, Warren

  6. Brilliant vlog Jamie,I love the Discovery ships,only 6 weeks to wait for our next cruise

  7. Another great upload ❤❤ Are you allowed to bring alcohol on board?.

  8. Steve Jenkin says:

    Thanks for posting yet another great vid. Me and the Mrs are planning on another cruise with Marella early 25 and we are undecided on Discovery or Voyager as they have similar itineraries at that time. We both loved your vids on Explorer 2 and helped us get the best out of our trip.keep up the great work.

  9. Great tour! Looks like Marella Discovery has a lot to offer and is in great condition. We definitely need to book a Marella cruise!

  10. What a great tour..looks fabulous..very informative and extremely useful..think I may have to book a Marella cruise 🤗

  11. At 7:13 here’s where I proposed to my other half whilst sailing out of St Thomas 🥰

  12. Sue Coutts says:

    I know some people might disagree with this but how about adding smoking areas to your tour.

  13. Alan Walker says:

    Looks an absolutely beautiful ship Jamie. I can just imagine being one the Promenade deck at the back just standing watching out to sea and of course spending abit of time in the shops.

  14. Samantha says:

    Another great ship tour Jamie. The ship looks beautifully kept , you would never know she was the age she is. Your vlogs are making me so much more interested in Marella.

  15. Brenda K says:

    👏👏👏❤️love the music

  16. Mich O says:

    Love this ship. Was on in December 2017 from Jamaica and around Central America and Havana. Great cruise. Do they still have wine on tap in the buffet? Asking for a friend 🤣

  17. What's a breakout room?

  18. It really looks lovely and I think I’d prefer the smaller passenger numbers – some of the newer, positively gigantic ships just don’t appeal to me at all.

  19. Paul Haigh says:

    Hi Jamie,
    Great job as per.
    Interesting to look at the ship and the comments you have received already.
    Weve been on Cunard, Princess, and P and O cruise lines, and they all have their pluses and minuses.
    And they are so numerous to mention.
    We are in "smellie old Southampton" today 😮
    I'm sure your audience will see the funny side of the above, especially if they remember an earlier blog of yours.
    Mrs H and l are on the Arvia tomo, 2 week med cruise.
    Cant wait as its the first cruise for us since Covid.
    I will let you know what l think of the ship after our 2 weeker.
    As youve always said, everyone is different, so their views are different.
    Enjoy the rest of your vacation.
    All the best,
    Alice and Paul 😊

  20. Karen Parry says:

    I enjoyed this Jamie. We cruised on Splendour OTS years ago and had a great time. Right size after not liking the Independence OTS as too busy. Enjoy your holiday. Looks amazing.

  21. Mrs Private says:

    How do theses cruises compare with P&O

  22. Michael Otty says:

    Helpful as always! Thanks Jamie. Gives us a heads up of where everything is, only 2 weeks left for us 😁

  23. Jackie Audus says:

    Looks so homely Jamie, well kept and not so busy ?? Thanks for sharing 😊

  24. Arron G says:

    I'm leaving on this cruise tomorrow! thanks for making these videos

  25. Paul Kearney says:

    Fantastic video. Great to see that they have a good promenade deck, as most of the vloggers don't film it.

  26. Watching, but you seem to be taking a lot of stairs, do the lifts/elevators not go to the top for people in wheelchairs?

  27. Tina Webber says:

    This ship looks amazing 🤩 it’s such a shame I will never get to be on this unless this company comes to 🇬🇧 I really think they are missing out on a whole market of passengers 😢

  28. Liz Richadon says:

    The glass house looks lovely, so does the indoor pool, but then it all looks lovely 😊

  29. Carol Hewitt says:

    Can't wait to see the tour

  30. Let's get those steps up! Enjoy a leisurely stroll with me, deck by deck, with all the info you need about Marella Discovery!

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