Mario gets friend zoned

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Bowser – Swordtee40
Mario – Electricstar
Princess Peach – Snowlette VA

Editor – Lethalityrush (Leth of GabaLeth)


38 Replies to “Mario gets friend zoned”

  1. Welcome, Mario, to…


  2. This was the start of his villain orgin story…

  3. Kaempfdog says:

    Girl I’m more powerful than your entire military AND likely his together AND you often see 1st hand from whatever birdcage he puts you in just how far I’ll put myself on the line for you. And no one gives a hoot when you’re even gone. Also WHY DO YOU KEEP KISSING ME if I’m friend zoned?!

  4. Cheese says:

    He got friend zoned even after saving her so many times

  5. Bro joined bowsers army after that

  6. TailsFan10 says:

    "You should've went with it, motherfucker."

  7. Now Mario is gonna be the bad guy in the series 😂

  8. JamnnJelly says:

    Dawg, I woulda left

  9. A1D3N says:

    Game over sound

  10. Hayden Weir says:

    Mario: and that’s my villain origin story
    anyone who has had a girlfriend: dang dude

  11. Not_YOBOYO says:


  12. A Skyline says:

    "first, you beat the princes, then you YEET THE PRINCESS-"
    -Super Mario

  13. serena180 says:

    She only loves a sexy independent princess like her when will u men leaen that they just dont want u si stop createing that they do reality they do not get rid if sexcism mysogynous ideas rip thise ideas

  14. tyler lane says:

    Yeah no peach can get her actual boyfriend to save her then because all that crap in those levels is not worth it

  15. Christoph says:

    This actually happened in Color Splash.

  16. Mario got roasted lol

  17. cj memes says:

    She done more damage then bowser

  18. That one was a violation

  19. Mario saved your big juicy ass thousands of times Peach, the LEAST you could do is give him a taste of your Peach.

  20. Yeah, we know she ends up with Luigi

  21. Cigar Ratmin says:

    This is paper mario right?

  22. Bowser: …Not cool, Peach. Not cool. There’s a time and a place for that, preferably when I’m not trying to kidnap you.

  23. Ooooooooo that has GOTTA HURT

  24. SpaceBun says:

    Man on one hand I wanted to think “well she’s not obligated to date him just because he saves her” BUT SHE LITERALLY KISSES HIM IN MOST GAMES SO LIKE

  25. Kenji Ryuma says:

    That’s when Mario decided to welcome Pauline into his life.

  26. The day before the bowsete incident

  27. “You can take her we’re only friends nothing else”

  28. Mario entered his villan arc💀

  29. KitKatXYZ says:

    He gets kissed in SMW…

  30. mob says:

    Nobody is talking about what Mario was going to say

  31. Damn she just performed a zero to death combo

  32. Bowser: 👁👄👁

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