Mario kart golf in real life @theteeboys #jatie #golf

19 Replies to “Mario kart golf in real life @theteeboys #jatie #golf”

  1. Jesus Christ loves the you❤

  2. I love this!!! I have to do this!!! Thanks for the idea 😂

  3. I wanna know the turnout!!!

  4. Yesssss says:

    That sounds super fun, I’ll have to try it some day😂

  5. Y’all’s Videos are so funny💗🤣 can I get pin?

  6. Your channel is such a breath of fresh air, keep doing what you're doing.

  7. Divine says:

    It was so fun to watch and can't wait for all the videos to come🥰❤

  8. Luv u both with my heart❣️💜❤️♥️💖💕💗💓💝🫶

  9. It's Me says:

    That sounds super fun😂

  10. 👩‍🦽💚😁

  11. Well I was 166 the scriber on that account
    An 661liked on this 😁

  12. Well, at least Katie's not hogging the spotlight for once.
    I love Katie, but she can be just a little meh with the constant posting,
    especially while Biz is still a no-show on this site (except for her cartoon form :)).

  13. Tatum says:

    Wait that looks so fun! Hope y’all have a good time! So excited for the babyyyyy ❤

  14. Love you guys more than anything😅

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