Mario Kart Golf! (IN REAL LIFE!)

Tee BOYZZZZ Baby!! Welcome to the channel, tried playing a different golf game for our first video ever. Check out the vid to see the rules of mario kart golf and who wins the head to head match between Josh and Noah!


28 Replies to “Mario Kart Golf! (IN REAL LIFE!)”

  1. Meerna M. says:

    Their channel is called "The Tee Boys".
    So, what's their friendship name?
    Example: Noah and Josh of Now United has the friendship name "Nosh".

  2. Brandon says:

    See Josh is rocking that Good Good!

  3. This was fun to watch

  4. James Farley says:

    Bro the Tee Boys are gonna go crazy!! I’m working at a golf course and I’m just getting into golf now! Any tips for a beginner?

  5. Beau Kahler says:

    LET'S GO BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Avery Trent says:

    I think this channel is gonna be super funny

  7. Noah Charlie says:

    congratulations on 2k!!

  8. 2.07k subscribers!! Congrats 😁😁 here to learn golf 😂

  9. Can’t wait for baby girl to be here. She will be so loved❤.

  10. Love your friendship.

  11. Turner says:

    Keep working God bless y’all ✝️🙏❤️

  12. Aaliyah Ivy says:

    I'm excited for the videos to come. Also to see what happens on this youtube channel. I'm glad to be able to follow along with your journey. I'm also really excited for you and Katie becoming parents.

  13. I don’t know nothing about golf but ig I’ll watch it bc it’s yall

  14. Sunny ☀️ says:

    Love golf and loved when you talked about it on your main channel and I am so excited you guys made this channel and video

  15. Josh is becoming a dad😂

  16. Red Panda says:

    I love golf, especially Mario golf! I can't wait to see the more fun golf content you will have on this chanel. This video was fire🔥

  17. Never thought I’d be here but I’m all for it 😂😂

  18. I LOVE GOLF ⛳️ A LOT

  19. Lily Horne says:

    lets go golfing babbyy lets get it 😂❤

  20. I’m so excited!! 708th Sub!!!

  21. Hope Griffin says:

    That god did ball is great 😂

  22. Well this could get interesting 🫣😂

  23. kiona holmes says:

    This is so exciting!

  24. This is going to be a great channel 😂

  25. Lesss gooooo golfinggggg

  26. Emily Castro says:

    Super happy I'm early to ur new channel hope it goes great ❤

  27. Happy for you guys ❤

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