Massive Good Good/Rick Shiels Announcement! But I'm Nervous…

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23 Replies to “Massive Good Good/Rick Shiels Announcement! But I'm Nervous…”

  1. Nate as always great content. You’ve actually inspired me a lot by the grind that you’ve had for this Content creator life. Do you have any tips or someone starting out such as like a set up video or how do you record yourself when you’re playing on a course this is all so new to me🥲

  2. It's always fun to keep up with all these things. My boys love good good!

  3. Mike Parks says:

    a mix of The Masters and the Waste Management fan bases coming together. Rick Shiels and Good Good meet up is going to be EPIC

  4. My Cousin says:

    I enjoy Peter Finch on the comms

  5. gaz white says:

    I'll be at the open on Thursday. Can't wait .love ya stuff bro.keep it up

  6. Greg Biggs says:

    Great Great Great EL Presidente⛳️⛳️💥💥

  7. Ya I totally agree with you Nate…that meet up is going to be insane!! My thoughts as soon as you said they both are doing a meet up, I was like how does that work??🤷‍♂️🤔🤔🤔 as you said I too hope it goes well and doesn’t get to rowdy and they can pull this off! I guess the only way to find out is to watch and see!

  8. I think you might be overlooking the difference between US fans and UK fans. I don't think it'll be an issue.

  9. My favorite tournament, especially when it’s windy or raining. Brings the pros back to earth lol

  10. It's a good move , good good brings the younger crowd and rick brings the middle age crowd. They have to get a kick back . Should be fun, maybe will see you there 😉

  11. look at this camera quality! and don't mind the clothes being folded in the back!!! lol

  12. Rep Rif says:

    You should make your videos 8:01 in length at minimum so you can put an ad in the middle & make a little extra scratch.

  13. Doc Ross says:

    Brotha!!! Almost 150!!! You kidding me? Keep it up Nate!

  14. Is there a ghost in your place what pops up behind you a few mins in 😂

  15. UK meet up people won’t be as crazy I bet

  16. Hot take about the RS GG fan meetup, will be fun to watch I am sure!

  17. PHV says:

    Apple and Pineapple are both fruits – and have the name apple within. There ends the similarities in every way. The same can be said for UK golf meet up attendees and US golf attendees…. as we saw when there was a UK Good/Good meet up vs US meet ups……. still lots of enthusiasm and support …. but not quite as manic!!! Ergo I think the numbers wont be an issue

  18. Guy Random says:

    Rick was blown away by the vibe at the last fan meet up with Good Good. Can’t wait to see this one

  19. Tyler Martin says:

    The pro is James Robinson. One of the best guests that Rick has on his channel.

  20. Brews&Mk2s says:

    There was polices 🚔 present at the last one. Its also in the UK so it's 100% not going to be as crazy as any of the US ones. British are not like that at all.

  21. Juan Murillo says:

    100% right. I’ve never watched pro golf, but YT golf I’m all in.

  22. PYROS CIRCUS says:

    Dude you have a ghost at the 3 and half min mark. It must be a lumberjack ghost bc it's wearing plaid 👻👻👻

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