Maximize Fieldwork to Improve FAST

How to get the most out of your field work sessions | Maximize fieldwork sessions to Improve Fast

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2 Replies to “Maximize Fieldwork to Improve FAST”

  1. BenFishz says:

    Great tip. Back to the grind! I have been way more deliberate with my field work lately. It has made a huge improvement in my game.

  2. I have 12 discs, same weight, mold, plastic, and i use them for all my field work.

    I chose the Mako3, because it is neutral, meaning they hold their angles – hyzer, anhyzer or flat. 5,5,0,0.

    I can practice forehand and backhand equally well, C2 and C3 putting, approaches, and yes, even distance.

    If you improve a midrance from 260' to 280' i guarantee that your distance driver distance just leaped even more.

    Throwing mids means you dont need as big a field, less walking, less wild shots you cant find, and less chance of injuring someone if you really hit a living thing.

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