I play against a subscriber for a new set of Titleist T150 irons! In “video 2” of my A Fairway Down series, I go head-to-head with a subscriber in a 9-hole clash, with the winner being gifted a new set of premium golf clubs. A huge thanks to James for taking part in this, to Brora GC for hosting us here and finally to Titleist for giving me some amazing irons to use for this match! #AFairwayDown

Please support our goal of raising Β£10,000 for the British Heart Foundation:

Also, thanks to WHOOP for supporting this challenge and tracking my data along the way! For more info, make sure to check them out here:

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36 Replies to “ME vs SUBSCRIBER for NEW SET OF IRONS!!!”

  1. Thanks for watching πŸ™ Please support our goal of raising Β£10,000 for the British Heart Foundation:

  2. tom wong says:

    Golfing and cycling, both my best loves! A dream for me and good luck for your challenges. Please donate to support Peter and this good cause!

  3. As an 8 HC, it’s streaky play. Can play 6 holes under par, then 3 doubles out of nowhere. Without finishing the vid, Peter just has to wait for the self detonation.

  4. he plays like me with 1 or 2 hole ruining a round but very well done and well done pete with makeshift set of clubs you nearly had him.

  5. Great video and how well did James play, awesome shot on 18 to stick it close.
    Keep them coming Pete, great series.

  6. Holmer says:

    Just taking the win would have been good enough for me.

  7. Fox Links says:

    Peter you and your team are a Class Act. πŸ‘ I'm donating now, but please Toss that putter in the Ocean!

  8. finn guzz says:

    Fantastic effort. Keep it up.

  9. Pete as I am watching this video the thing I noticed the most is that the person you're playing has a nice mood swing doesn't look like he's trying to hit bomb drives he's staying within himself. It looks like he really knows his game

  10. Psspresident says:

    Go on, mention his handicap again…

  11. Shanksgiving says:

    Homie shook off that 7 on 17 and finished out strong. Super awesome.

  12. crak144 says:

    Hey, why is everyone driving on the wrong side of the road??

  13. I'll happily buy the M6 4 iron off you when you've finished with it. Proceeds to charity of course.

  14. Ryan Dunbar says:

    Well played Pete not making him hole out on the last πŸ‘

  15. Sylar Creed says:

    18:07 the sheep killed me πŸ˜‚

  16. So with the electric fence dose it effect chipping around the green ?

  17. Show me his handicap please

  18. The sheep betting bit had me in stiches πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  19. The πŸ‘ scene, don’t LOL often for golf vids. Nice one Pete, James & caddy!

  20. brilliant i think this is what youtube golf is about playing the subscribers, you should have played him and said win lose or draw can i borrow them ,and if you won borowed them and give him after challenge complete love these vids though

  21. Steven Calvi says:

    good game! Lovely last chip! Pete, come challenge me in China! i've fallen in love with the new T350! I fancy my chances!!

  22. Lisa Hyne says:

    Great job Pete smash it out!!

  23. Tom Rolli says:

    Classy not making him putt that last one Pete – he didnt deserve to lose but that was a knee-knocker if ever i've seeen one!

  24. Brilliant video. Thanks v much. Pete – very gracious in defeat. Class act.

  25. Jim Mitchell says:

    Brilliant video, and what a course another James Braid masterpiece. Unlucky Pete not to get the new Titelist irons in the bag. I am surprised your opponent wasn’t wearing a Sombrero, though he did play well. Great effort by Kieron and Jacob filming as well. The standard of production and editing in a short timescale and on the move is truly fantastic.

  26. Craig Ogburn says:

    Gary and Steve gamble responsibly

  27. S.A says:

    Loving these! Keep up.the great work Pete. Top cause and really top idea.

  28. juliosachump says:

    Pete pls do new coaching videos. Your golf game is looking SMOOOOTHHHH

  29. Lexx White says:

    Watching you try to putt with those sheep bleating in the background was exactly the laugh I needed today!

  30. David Baird says:

    One of your best videos, great course, great giveaway and doing it for a great cause Β£20 donated.

  31. You clearly dont understand how annoying it is when ones handicap is questioned because a good shot is played. Pathetic !

  32. derekjf says:

    I used to have that exact grip. Loved it!

  33. Hej Peter! Always if you play rounds with subscriber for "normal" people you are a fantastic, sympathic and normal guy! The only hole ich atmosphere's in this videos is fair, humble an full of sportsmanship. Really i like it watching you in this way! I think that's more you here than you show us in so many other profuced content. And by the way : cycling is the next sport for cardio and health! In the past i cycles nearly 15 tsd miles a year through Europe…. And played sometimes a round of golf after a round of 120 miles….. My heart rate in silence was 32…. Your handset are extremely quiet on the greens with such a heart rate, there is no room for "yips". Stay safe on the streets, in cars are sittings sometimes fools!

  34. Q Waidi says:

    Proper translation of the sheepish comments πŸ˜‚ had to stop the video to wipe my tears off πŸ˜‚

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