Meet The Man Who Started It ALL || Todd Sones

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In this video you will meet the person who started it all. Many of the blueprints that you hear on Porzak Golf comes from this guy, Todd Sones. He is one of the best golf instructors in America and even the world. We are very excited for you to meet my mentor and how he goes about dissecting this beautiful game.

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35 Replies to “Meet The Man Who Started It ALL || Todd Sones”

  1. John Austin says:

    There in Adams words is a lesson for life not just golf “not what your doing right but what you are doing right” and aspiring to improve what we do everyday be it Golf or our personal life.

  2. Let’s gooo! So nice to see a face to the name. Titans of industry right there. Can’t wait to hear from Mr. Stones !

  3. Peder Jensen says:

    I like you channel and tips – but masterclass material for 500 dollars – oh yes, and per year of course. I know it takes time to make such series, but in my world that is way over priced. But really wonder how many use this program, as 500 dollars would give a LOT of lessons in private instead of watching someone. And then the player on his own have to know what he has to work on – to often players work on fixing something, that comes from a total different problem. But keep up the good channel

  4. Bill D says:

    Really looking forward to this series.

  5. Paul White says:

    Is it bad that I can't stop staring at those fire divots?

  6. Skye PRF says:

    Surprise that the rythme was not in your short list… this thing is my biggest challenge!

  7. Rob.B says:

    My golf game is better then ever just from watching the YouTube videos. Broke 80 my last three outings. I’m sure I’ll do the same today. Thank you both. ⛳️ Life

  8. This is awesome! Looking forward to watching the coming videos. Getting two passionate and gifted teachers together brings so much energy and value.

  9. I have heard it before…rather than focus on trying fix what is wrong, focus on what you are doing right. I have struggled with this simply because I think what I do bad is hurting my progression or preventing it. How do you get beyond what you are doing bad? Thanks

  10. Adam, are the segments at the end of this video videos we'll see on this channel?

  11. MURPHY says:

    Next please 🙏. can't wait for the follow up video

  12. Sport is therapy. Lifeskills for better mental health.

  13. I remember Todd Sones from the video series from Golf Magazine about 15 years ago. And what I remember is a guy that is not in the mold of a prototypical golfer of today. Yet Todd could hit the ball pretty far. Looking forward to the collaboration with you Adam.

  14. Really excited to meet the man…you’re always giving him credit for so many aspects of the game you teach. Thanks for arranging for him to join us, Adam! Love the channel!

  15. I always thought you said Todd "Stone" 😂 good thing i didn't bet the house on that lol

  16. gaffs82 says:

    This is gonna be a great series. Can’t wait. Keep up the great work!

  17. tiubster says:

    Alright so Todd is our grand father 😂😂 what’s up Todd. Love the Srixon + XXIO + Asics look. God bless you sir

  18. James says:

    No BS… who’s taller? Thanks for all the great content you guys share with us.

  19. Todd Schmidt says:

    Love to see the lineage. Amazing to see this. Very excited to see the next videos in this series.

  20. You have made a 180 degree turn in my game. I dream or bucket list is to take a lesson from you in person.

  21. Man this is cool!!!

  22. Patrick blue says:

    Bro is that really Todd “My Mentor” Sones??

  23. Wow!!! The great just became better!!

  24. And you Sir are a mentor to all your followers.none better in golf.born to teach. You are to us what Todd was to you.🇮🇪

  25. McMattyB says:

    The man. The myth. The legend!

  26. Golf Quest says:

    Really looking forward to this series of videos. As a side, I'm curious, would you approach instruction to a lead hand dominant golfer any differently than a typical student?

  27. I can’t wait to see the rest of the videos.

  28. bama no1 says:

    Drills to improve accuracy on iron play

  29. So good on so many levels. So nice for a great young instructor to recognize his mentor and give him his due!

  30. Love the enthusiasm you guy's clearly have, and the respect for each other, this channel will definitely grow, big time

  31. shuttrbg22 says:

    I’ve been waiting for this Sones content. Porzak drinking game, take a shot every time Adam says “like my mentor Todd Sones would say”😂

  32. zzgusti says:

    gæti ekki verið meira sammál frábær kennari

  33. Outstanding love, friendship and mentor!

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