Melvin Farmer On Raymond Washington, Tookie Williams, Prison, CW, And Writing Laws For 3 Strikers.

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Big Court is a film producer/music exec and protege’ of music mogul Master P and Lieutenant of No Limit Forever. Sit down with Big Court as he delivers a unique brand of unfiltered content joined by some of the hottest names in entertainment to discuss the rap game, the streets, music, TV, film, pop culture and so much more. Joined by Ken Schoech “Producer Ken” an industry executive and his partner in crime for more than 20 years, they Hold Court over the current state of entertainment in the industry.

Big Court got his first experience doing radio with his mentor Master P as co-host of Doin The Most on Playboy Radio. It was Master P that noticed Big Court’s knack for insightful conversation and encouraged him to create a Podcast. Big Court’s keen sense of wit coupled with his intellectual and introspective commentary sets this show apart from the rest. The Holdin’ Court Podcast brilliantly blends the urban experience with current topics and popular culture as guests are able to document their journey on the show.

Big Court and Producer Ken’s intimate knowledge of the streets and entertainment lend credibility to the conversation as listeners walk away informed, inspired, and entertained.

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29 Replies to “Melvin Farmer On Raymond Washington, Tookie Williams, Prison, CW, And Writing Laws For 3 Strikers.”

  1. Almighty Kee says:

    These Bitter Gang Bangers Interviews Are Hilarious Keep Up The Good Work Promoting These Ignorant Bums 👎🏾

  2. Love to hear the 'OG' kick his shyt

  3. sean gunn says:

    Sticky. Fingers. Played. A. Queer in the. Twilight zone. Wearing. Door knocking. Earrings. In. Both. Ears. Straight Gump

  4. Gang banging got diluted. Thats cute. This dude a trip. Gang bangers never hurt the brothas. Cut it out


  6. MR. Holding Court Speak Your History KC (Egypt) Oldest Landmass in the World 🌎 not just Americas MR. Court The World 🌎 So wat does that say to you, you are from the beginning Everything Came from KC (Egypt) Including our Famous Book The Holy Bible Which translates to The ☀️ Book The Cross + is a symbol for Location The Middle ❤ Know Where u From MR. Court There’s nobody b4 KC Rich 🤑 DNT SAY KC THE TOWN ALL AROUND THE GLOBE 🌎 4 NOTHING REAL PHARAOH BLOODLINE 🩸RUNZ THROUGH KC NO OTHER PLACE!!!☝🏿👑☀️🦅🙏🏿

  7. Love your channel this is my second time watching this video love the content this video is a real message

  8. FETTI Tv says:

    Maaaan he reminds me of the old cats from KC lol. And your daughter was a good addition to the podcast. She was crackin up 🤣

  9. kingguwop says:

    I stand with CW…. Bump these washed up gang member

  10. Lamanul Yung says:


  11. JaySavageTV says:

    He denied every point, "that's not necessarily true…" 😂

  12. kreid9 says:

    You should have came at him from the standpoint on how rap groups like Bones Thugs was approach by the prison industry reps to promote the mass incarceration movement. To show how rap is an effective influence.

  13. I would love to come to Holding court show to definitely explain the solution to our problem with pure intelligence.

  14. Cause he know if Dude get out he gone kill his Mark ass…

  15. Decatur is “not” ATLANTA💪🏿… They have to drive 20-40mins to us. Not including missing a ramp or traffic. Atlanta is FULTON County & Decatur is DeKalb County💯.

  16. Bo'Nutt says:

    Always good content from this brother. Salute to you!!! …and Salute to Mr Melvin Farmer for putting in the work to help turn this ship around.

  17. Southwest says:

    Holdin Court🔥💨🔥💨🔥💨🔥

  18. Being in on the Production of “Self Destruction” and “ We All in the Same Gang is HUGE‼️🔥

  19. kelso DiJA says:

    That not true about CW going to the parole board it don’t go like that Texas

  20. It's Los Angeles County? If you want Burbank you in San Fernando Valley

  21. Pystol Loc says:

    Melvin is a true Living Legend… You interviewed the right man. This brotha can speak and you get how sincere he is from the tone of voice, energy (spirit), his Aura… Trues recognize Trues and I love listening to someone on a higher level of thinking… #Respect

  22. I kinda agree because when I go outside in my neighborhood I see little kids on Tik-Tok dancing to music the way they dance . But I don't think music influence them to kill

  23. 👑Bishop says:

    Is CW coming on the podcast?

  24. Melvin is a stubborn old man . I respect the elder …remind me of my granddad ..he don't want to hear nothing 😂

  25. lol this old ass 🥷 don’t realize he trying to act smart but sounds dumb as hell all he doing is trying to contradict what you saying but you saying what he saying damn

  26. Atm Tim says:

    Great interview

  27. Terry Irie says:

    Certified polluted wisdom.

  28. Rock Fresh says:

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ interviews

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