Micah Morris Explains Leaving Good Good #golf #shorts

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  1. Too many big egos in a small room eventually equals a dead end

  2. denraW eB says:

    This helped Good Good more than him

  3. The MLH says:

    "A nautral process, that was very very hard"….hmmmm sounds like the definition of an oxymoron. FAKE AF!

  4. Micha is a snake he used good good to gain a following then he used Grant when he realized he's unlikable he needed grants following to earn easy money… Can't stand people like him

  5. Micha always came off as a crybaby who was raised spoiled rotten he whined everytime he had a bad shot and he always acted like he thought he was better than everyone else… Good good is better without him he needed good good they didn't need him… It was sad when grant left grant is generally a good guy and he had good charisma

  6. Kent Davies says:

    Oh man decent golfer leaves semi decent golf channel

  7. MrJeffTV says:

    Matt talked about his hole in one too many times lol.. nah the 2 best golfers left to pursue and focus on their own thing.. made sense to me

  8. This all seems like every naturally evolving group/company that's been successful. As the group matures and evolves that success has to bloom and blow seeds into the wind that eventually germinate and grow in other areas. Be grateful your brand flowered and seeded other ventures. Keep in touch with one another as well and collaborate! Perhaps a golf tournament "war" vs the other groups or something of that energy vs any internet emotional drama bs. Just play golf vs one another for "drama".❤. Hit em straight.

  9. Explanation a bit too dubious

  10. this is why i don't follow you or grant at all since you left. the fans made you and you can't even give a simple reason why you left. i won't even watch if you collab with them.

  11. Jking802 says:

    You’re a damn liar Micah. You’re just making content with different people now lol. You’ve done like 3 little baby tournaments since you left GoodGood. You’re not really trying to go pro you just won’t tell us the real reason you left. Same with Grant, he left and he’s just still traveling around playing golf on YouTube just like they did in GoodGood. Why’d he actually leave? Makes no sense.

  12. Joe says:

    Wish more people were just able to say “I have different goals”. I’ve had a lot of friends growin up that I kinda naturally drifted away from due to us having different goals and following different paths in life. Nothing wrong with it and definitely no hard feelings towards them… It’s just life man

  13. soulerflare7 says:

    There's alot of these guys just go missing when they talk about good good . I mean finding bodies in trunks kinda stuff . Don't ever cross good good it's scary stuff bro !!!

  14. mica you rode Garrets coattail plane and simple, Telling us you had been feeling a pull for a while and you wanted to go pro really. Maybe it might be Mica Morris loosing his temper, punching golf carts talking crap to fellow golfers, not knowing when to be quiet. I’ve seen a few times in your videos. You might be able to hit a golf ball a country mile, but your golf game is not PGA material, and you tube won’t lead you there. I guess you have to work at Mica.

  15. Yote says:

    Because Bubbie whipped his butt and it made him look bad. Micah is a bitter POS! So is Grant for that matter! I didn’t like them with Good Good and I think the channel is better with them gone! Micah is no pro and won’t be!!! Get real😂🤣😂🤣

  16. Bass G says:

    Garret is good good. Grant and Micah were the only other two interesting guys. The only two who would be able to branch off with success. Easy to see why they would want to, and easy to see why Garrett would be taken back. I bet they are all buds again within a year.

  17. Colm Healy says:

    BS… spouting Christian BS… used Garrett and then left

  18. i think taylormade gave them an offer they couldn’t refuse. grant and micah joined the team at the same time. deal was in order to be apart of taylormade, they had to leave good good

  19. Would have been a lot better off if he stayed. GoodGood isn’t going anywhere.. these guy solo careers barley lasted a year

  20. This just shows he never truly believed in the Good Good brand and was looking to better himself from the start. Not classy or a great look

  21. Gus says:

    From what ive always heard Garret is a stingy fuck. I always thought Good Good Golf was a joke they literally got their fame from a multi long distance champion Kyle Berkshire if it wasnt for Berkshire all these dude would still be playing in that par 3 kids course they would always play at Matt Garret and Steven were always onnthat course

  22. I just hope that they are all still friends

  23. I wonder when Micah is gonna realize he’s not good enough to be on the tour and twice now has spit in the face of his cousin, whose offering to give him such an awesome life.

  24. This is the most generic response I’ve ever heard

  25. He left to play with grant. Simple as that. Good good dub, their loss

  26. Mike White says:

    This was a massive , huge , monumental, goliath , unbelievably stupid mistake . Some people just cant get out of their own way ya know ? Its an ego thing i suppose . Being in good good over time would be thousands of folds more profitable and probably more fulfilling than trying to become a tour pro. At the end of the day when you are losing to other good good guys during matches that count for nothing , with zero pressure and you decide to let your head get the better of you and think you have what it takes to join the tour and win ! That's just really silly .it seems to me that the dude just had a plan to leverage the good good fame into views for his own channel because he couldn't stand not being in control and felt somehow that one of the most revolutionary golf channels that has ever existed that will surely go down in literal history one day , was somehow beneath him. Just look at what they just accomplished with their first ever good good championship! Now imagine being a central member of the whole thing and deciding to part ways to pursue going on tour . Talk about being tone def and having a complete lack of vision! What good good is doing is the future of golf and he had a captains seat to the whole thing and jumped ship to swim ashore on an island of feces . The whole thing just kills me to see someone do something so bone headed and ego driven . Although i wish everyone the best of luck and all the success in the world i just can't bite my tonge on this one. Just tell it like it is! You are envious of garrets success and couldn't handle him being above you in the organization . What you clearly did was put on a fake smile and stuck it out long wnought to build your own " brand " but guess what man you aren't at the level, your personality is dull , your content is generally lack luster and disappointing. And quite honestly after seeing your efforts in the tournaments you entered i think bubbie has a better chance than you do to win on tour . Thats all down to a generally horrible attitude and unwillingness to recognize your actual ability. Its a case of dunning Kruger effect. You are a good golfer in a sea of other good golfers who exist inside of an even larger sea of excellent golfers who exist orders of magnitude beneath the cream of the crop . If I ever see tig win on tour i will be utterly amazed at the progress he made from the bottom of a deep deep ocean he's currently dwelling on. 🎉

  27. kernow 83 says:

    Tig, good good will be good good with or without u.but remember u will always be apart of the og good good.sometimes ya gotta with your gut.same to you grant.i think you will all look back with regret but you have to think about why you left which is more important .never stop chasing

  28. Steve Rupert says:

    Really happy for Tig, but it sucks he is only with Grant now. He helped start GM Golf with Garrett, and as one of the four original members, they should get back together. Grant got what he needed and bolted–let him stay gone.

  29. Cal Stanke says:

    It almost always comes down to money. M & G probably realized they could make more starting their own channel.

    GG created content with Rick Shiels in August/Sept 2022…in Nov 2022 both G & M announced they were leaving. Coincidence…probably not. They probably saw how much he was making and were inspired and also wanted creative control over the content/brand/merch.

    Lastly, they were the two best golfers in the GG group and maybe thought they should get paid more than other members. (Just speculating)

  30. this dude is an emotionally soft phoney

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