Minnesota Vikings need patience with unproven players

Minnesota Vikings need patience with unproven players such as Luiji Vilain; Should the Vikings look to add an extra pass rusher; Cornerback rotation so far at training camp;

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37 Replies to “Minnesota Vikings need patience with unproven players”

  1. mrgobbleton says:

    My brother, metellus is making the team lol

  2. James Dalton says:

    I would like to see the Vikings use Reagor like Debo Samuel. Give him the ball short and let him go make a play.

  3. I definitely believe that Jalen Nailor should definitely play more games with the Minnesota Vikings this season!

  4. Matt Lucht says:

    Look how we messed up.on Patterson. We need to br8ng out Reagor on his talents. I say Reagor will stay.

  5. LostWolf95 says:

    Lots of anger in the chat today, don’t understand the vitriol

    It’s still too early to judge Kwesi and Fornes is as competent as any analyst on ESPN or radio

  6. hivicar says:

    Harvin was ROY in 2009. Judd has to remember that! Foreman won in '73; Sammy White in '76, and Moss in '98.

  7. Dave Bielke says:

    What Scouting ability…Q Adolph doesn't possess that skill, talk to the actual Director of college Scouting

  8. Ryan Whalen says:

    Yo Forness I know you read this stuff…$100 Wonnum doesn’t get cut by Vikings. Lets go kitty cat…

  9. Ryan Whalen says:

    More Forness!?!? Come on Skor North!! Big time credibility hit shoving this guy at us. Man be better.

  10. t kuebler says:

    James Houston is 24 years old and a second year player for the Lions. Justin Houston is who you meant, but you got his sacks wrong, he had 9.5

  11. t kuebler says:

    How is Villain's athletic profile any different than Wonnum's??? They are roughly the same size and Wonnum has a faster 40 time.

  12. t kuebler says:

    What a clown. 4:35 "Edge rushers take time. We shouldn't expect Villain to do nothing in year two." How do you say that, when minutes earlier you were denigrating Wonnum for having 8 sacks in his second year in the league??? Also Wonnum was only 23 then, and Villain will be 25 in his second year.

    Clown statements like that are why you are called the "fry cook".

  13. t kuebler says:

    What an utter moron on calling for Wonnum to be cut. Nobody gets 8 sacks in a season in the NFL on pure luck alone. And if you say it was scheme, at least Wonnum is smart enough to be in the right place and follow the game plan……….unlike Queasy's guys, Cine and Booth, who you sit here and defend.

  14. t kuebler says:

    3:55 Wonnum is getting his pressures and sacks, because no one is touching him. Isn't that the point???
    I like when my DE's avoid the tackles and RB's and get to the QB unabated.

    Forness is clueless.

  15. t kuebler says:

    I guess Forness never heard of the Vikings Punter….Wright. He was UDFA last year, and he made the team as the starting Punter.

  16. Sue V says:

    Gotta love the comments here. If our draft picks aren't winning MVP's or being all pros in their rookie seasons, they are busts and Kwesy needs to be fired. 😂🙄

  17. Tommy Gunn says:

    Wassup w/ andrew booth jr

  18. Mike J. says:

    I knew this guy was a phony who knows NOTHING about football. Underwood had a serious life-threatening medical condition. What a terrible example. WHY HAVE A GUY ON YOUR SHOW WHO LITERALLY KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT NFL FOOTBALL. Forno is the BIGGEST FRAUD in the Podcast Community even Thor random dude in mom's basement knows more. In order to get onto your podcasts he had to give Judd a BRIBE I mean job FFS he cannot even pronounce words properly!

  19. Dean Abarai says:

    I think Tyler is wrong on DJ. Wonnum brings speed and motor and I think he’s a valuable rotational piece at the worst. I think he’s looked a lot better then Patrick Jones when they are on the field. We need to use Villain like Detroit uses James Houston. Put ‘em in and let him headhunt. Also I’ve tried very hard to trust in Kwesi but I’m at the point where I see everything falling around him and he’s desperately trying to catch what he can before it all hits the ground. We need to get these contracts figured out.

  20. Tim Peters says:

    3rd best cb on the team, translation the the worst cb in the entire league.

  21. I feel like no one is panicking enough about how awful Kwesi is at GM.

  22. david palomo says:

    Or maybe draft better players 🤔

  23. Alex Meyer says:

    This guest has a weird vocal inflection–makes it sound like he's whining/complaining all the time

  24. James Lyon says:

    Let’s also not forget that Tyler has never been a NFL coach. Info he is giving you is like asking housekeeping at the hospital about medical information

  25. Love the shows guys…everyday!! 😎👊👊👊

  26. jaarc14 says:

    Tyler defending drafting Cine over Hamilton and third stringer Booth lol. Cmon man this is the nfl not the SEC

  27. Much prefer Tyler Fornis over Chip Scoggins, Chipper talks slow, stutters soooo much and says “Uhhh” and “Ummm” and “you know” every 5 seconds

  28. James Lyon says:

    I absolutely disagree with Tyler on grading queasy after his first draft. It’s sort of a incomplete, but he came in and got rid of four third round picks after one year in the NFL. So, you can definitely give him grief four getting really nothing from his first draft.

  29. Queasy!!! He is in way over his head. Clueless. Cine is still running with the 2s. All hopes are pinned on Ingram and Addison. It's not working out. PERIOD

  30. Andrew Jones says:

    Bud Grant said durability is the make or break of a player’s career. If you can’t get on the field, you won’t stick around. Iron man Jim Marshall would have had Bud Grant introduce him at the HOF, and it’s an atrocity he still not in. I don’t want to see him get in after he’s gone. He needs and deserves induction now!

  31. Sara Xiong says:

    Lol nah they need to come in JJ ready or cut them! Bust!!! We have standards here! 😂

  32. Please stop with the blind defense of Kwesi please. Brad Holmes is stacking draft classes of impact players, if these picks that Kwesi has made don’t work out he needs to start being put on the spot.Has Detroit caught us yet no but not drafting well catches up quickly.

  33. dit dot dit says:

    Hunter will join Dalvin with the NY Jets.
    If the Vikings were in the AFC they would not be a playoff team. Sorry

  34. Agree Judd with Nailor , think he's going to be a good contributor ! Great show guys , thank you !

  35. Jj oh Nailer then Adison

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