Minnesota Vikings training camp updates: Jordan Hicks and Lewis Cine

Why are people selling Minnesota Vikings stock; Minnesota Vikings trainnig camp updates on Josh Mettelus, Jordan Hicks, Lewis Cine, Jaren Hall and more; Plus a random Viking of the Week.

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43 Replies to “Minnesota Vikings training camp updates: Jordan Hicks and Lewis Cine”

  1. David Didder says:

    You’re looking at RBs all wrong. It’s not about “paying” them, it’s about making more positions the “RB” position. Effectively cutting the pay at more spots, not just the RB. Start at QB and slot WR. Both should be throwing RBs and receiving RBs 🤯🤯🤯🤔! Think full RPO with 5 (running) QBs on roster. Thus running them out of a 2nd contract. First team to embrace this, will win MULTIPLE Superbowls. Guaranteed.

  2. m sullivan says:

    If they are already doing well in situational football already, getting rid of slow veterans, and improving the team, that vegas odds system is not looking in the right direction.

  3. KingCondor says:

    Love Purple Daily and all of SKOR north. Literally my only critique is hearing Mackey call himself "ol Mack-a-dack" 5 times a show

  4. Al Bundy says:

    Man those burgers look almost good enough to make me pack up and move to Minnesota. Not that i wouldn't like to live there anyways to be close to my team and get to watch them on tv every week and maybe even go to my first real game. 🤔 wait, what the heck am I doing? Why am I not packing my things already?
    😳 Enough writing, I gotta get busy packing!! Vikings and burgers HERE I COME!!! SKOL!!! 💪😈🏃‍♂️💨

  5. Omg, I had no idea about a Vikings dorktown series. Thank you. I’m so pumped for this. I love Jon Bois’ work so much and I’ve been waiting for him to tell this story for years. And commenting that he should tell it for just as long. Also recommend his other series Chart Party, Pretty Good, and his videos on the Browns and falcons. Incredible film maker/storyteller.

  6. Steve Kindt says:

    Guys you absolutely have to watch the Secret Base deep dive. Unparalleled in terms of production and storytelling. Jon Bois is a damn genius

  7. Thomas Power says:

    We all loved those huge plays Dalvin would rip off every so often. It seemed like it quite frequently happened in big moments. However, all those 1st down running plays where everyone knew it was coming, that would yield 1/2 yard. I am not going to miss that .I hope to see the Vikings mix it up more on 1st down.

  8. Would it be possible to add some clips alongside the podcast to highlight some of the plays?

  9. Thomas Power says:

    After Jaren Hall started off way better than Kellen Mond, Nick Mullens gets a day off. The timing seemed suspicious to me.

  10. hbk15111 says:

    Gotta admit, I think you guys are drinking the purple kool-aid a little too much. I don’t think this team is near as good as you think.

    Would love to be proven wrong though.

  11. RioBravo says:

    Nice hairdo Cine. You look like Carrot Top dude. CT might make a better safety too…. Bust thanks Queasy… way over your head

  12. Shaun Bowm says:

    The LBs were being held in no man's land on pass coverage
    Guys were catching the ball underneath and having yards piled up before meeting the LBs

  13. Shaun Bowm says:

    Like Happy Gilmore, gets the hockey stick putter, and gets his tap tap down pat

    Min could have that tap tap defence renewal

    Maybe they don't have all those close one score wins, but have many 2 score wins

  14. Seriously tell me how these guys get in the hall of fame and Jim Marshall is not in and the same time they put Revis in and Harrison Smith has 10 more picks than him this system is fd up dadly

  15. GhettoLenin says:

    Cine is an absolute bust. Too bad kwesi lost his mind and passed on Hamilton

  16. Safe stock. They lost at home. First round. At home.

  17. Jacob Moon says:

    Judd said ir before, we could lose more games this year but still feel better going into the playoffs than we did last year. So ill sell high on 13 wins but not the team at large

  18. Vikings stock. There's nothing to sell

  19. The problem is running backs are most valuable their first 4/5 years in the league so their 2nd contract aren't worth paying. Their rookie contracts need to only be for 2 years so they get a chance to get paid for their actual prime

  20. You have average starting QB's making $40M per in a salary cap league. Certain positions are going to be left behind based on positional value. See RB's and LB's. Everything in the NFL focuses around the passing game, both offensively and defensively. That means that in addition to QB….WR's, CB's, and DE's get paid. It has nothing to do with the NFL union. The union was around when often starting RB's were the 2nd or 3rd highest players on a team. And yes, you have to have a salary cap if you want a competitive league. No one wants the NFL to turn into MLB.

  21. K FT says:

    If it is coming close to duplicating last season or even winning 10 games, then I am selling on the Vikings they will likely improve some on defense but winning 9 games might be their limit. Everything went their way during the regular season last year and they are bound to lose some of those close games this year.

  22. The reason why cousin's like manion . Cousin's knew he wasn't a threat . If you have a good backup . Number .8 . Cannot handle that . Hopefully one more year of this guy will be done with him .

  23. Tremolux Man says:

    Mackie + Dairy = Turbo Lax

  24. Judley! How does Ivan Pace look?

  25. Adnan S. says:

    Running Backs are easily replaceable in todays NFL, they’re not a position of value like they used to be.

  26. Jason Winger says:

    The vikings will win 13 games or more this year 😂

  27. I would def give Jonathan Taylor money

  28. Frank North says:

    Phil searching the data base of already used players is pure crap.

  29. Ztp Outdoors says:

    I feel like random viking of the week almost should include people you've done in the past. I know you guys are feeling like it's getting difficult to keep coming up with new guys. But I love the segment and I think it could be super fun to reused people with different clues😅

  30. Tre Cundiff says:

    Not going to lie, you’re showing some inconsistencies with your running back take. On one hand you’re saying that the position and that style of football is devalued and phased out but literally praise the 49ers for being a tough and physical team. They don’t have a great QB and haven’t had one in years but compete because they play a physical, run first style of football. Teams that get too caught up in the passing game but have no balance typically get beat, unless you have THAT GUY behind center (Brady, Mahomes). So I can’t back the narrative that RBs hold no value… the easiest offenses to stop are ones that are one dimensional. You saw it with this team vs the Eagles last season and again in the playoffs. 15-18 runs a game is never gonna get it done lol

  31. Loved the Secret Base video it was totally in the Skor North tradition.

  32. The Super Bowl win was supposed to happen in 1998. They were a juggernaut. And it somehow slipped through our fingers. At this point, I will never believe it is happening til the clock strikes zero in the big game and we are ahead.

  33. The Cowboys and Steelers; Raiders were roiding it up back in the 70s. Ever notice how big those players were?… everyone knew it. Vikings were the next dominant team…they just didn't get the breaks. Curse of Tarkenton/Grant. Vikings had dominant defenses in the Doleman Millard era as well…but QB definitely a factor. Always in the hunt but could never get over the hump!

  34. Someone let me know when a podcast dedicated to a certian team starts atleast pretend to be for that team. There is so much negativety that its hard to watch a whole episode. Im not saying it has to all be rah rah, but ding, bros…I m out.

  35. Dawson Gaab says:

    56 pounds of beer!

  36. GEEZY CODM says:

    i dont get how yall say cine not doing good but other people are saying he is lighting it up??? like what?

  37. The Vikings, Packers, and Ravens are the only 3 teams since 1960 that haven't finished with the leagues worst record. The Colts have finished with the worst record a league high 7 times. Since 1960, the Packers, Ravens, Bears, and Eagles are the only teams that haven't picked 1st overall. Ironically the Bears lost a coin toss with the Steelers for the #1 pick in the 1970 draft (both finished 1-13 in 1969), which the Steelers used to take Terry Bradshaw. The Bears elected to stick with something called a Jack Concannon at QB for another year and traded the #2 pick to the Packers.

  38. Jake G says:

    Been listening to a lot of the discussion about "Quarterback" and Kirks' explanation of his 4th and 8 throw to TJ instead of JJ. Reminds me of a similar play from Rodgers and the Packers. 3rd and 11 play in the 2021/2022 Divisional Game against the 49ers where Rodgers throws to Adams in double coverage, ignoring Lazard open across the middle, and the pass is incomplete. Ends the game. But the problem was Rodgers never seemed to considered making a different throw and went into his traditional hero ball mode. Hard to blame him with his history and Davante Adams, but ultimately he made the wrong choice and we lost the game. It makes sense that Kirk is being coached to consider those throws/situations as opportunity balls instead of unwarranted risks. Plus I don't think you have to worry about Kirk making that kind of throw, double coverage to your star WR, for the "wrong" reasons. I was so frustrating to lose like that, but I know Vikings fans would kill to have seen Kirk throw an incompletion to Jefferson on the 4th and 8 instead.

  39. Bad Dad Joke says:

    Bynum and Cine were never competing. They were planning on getting rid of Harry this year, but Cine got hurt and they couldn't evaluate him last year.

  40. sntpint says:

    If Troy dye has never played a down, why can nobody ever beat him out. LBs will be very suspect this year.

  41. David Pipher says:

    Yo Declin .. that catapillar sleeping on you're top lip needs to hook up with the dust bunny hiding under your chin bubba…

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