Mitsubishi Triton 2024 Review Walkaround: Better Than Ranger & Hilux?

Detailed walkaround review of the 2024 Mitsubishi Triton / L200, including 2.4-litre diesel engine, styling, interior, technology, safety, 4WD specs and more.

This is the new Mitsubishi Triton! Take a full walkaround of the 2024 Triton pick-up, at its global reveal. Full engine specs, interior details, new equipment, towing capability, 4WD specifications and more in this episode.

Do you like the new Triton? Has Mitsubishi done enough here to compete with the new Ford Ranger & Volkswagen Amarok plus market stalwarts like the Toyota Hilux and Isuzu D-Max?

Time codes:
0:00 – New Triton Revealed
0:20 – No V6 Engine
0:35 – Twin-Turbo Four-Cylinder
0:55 – Future Triton Hybrid
1:09 – New Ladder Frame
1:25 – Bigger Dimensions & Size
2:08 – Interior
2:20 – Improved Seats
2:51 – Cabin Technology
3:35 – Steering Wheel
3:50 – Next-Gen Navara
4:08 – Materials & Build Quality
4:26 – Super-Select 4WD II
4:38 – Storage Space & Practicality
5:05 – Back Seats
6:03 – Safety
6:14 – 3500kg Towing Capacity
6:38 – Pricing & Release Date
6:55 – Future Triton Ralliart?

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32 Replies to “Mitsubishi Triton 2024 Review Walkaround: Better Than Ranger & Hilux?”

  1. Chasing Cars says:

    What do you think? Has Mitsubishi done enough to improve the Triton? Did you want to see a V6?

  2. Juan andres says:

    Ogly, not Ugly 🎉 looks like a carbon train

  3. No way…..hilux was anti death pickup….toyota winner.. 😼
    Not that new ugly mitsubishi pickup.. 😹

  4. Roger Moore says:

    4 cylinder engines are not good enough in a big vehicle

  5. Please let us have the single cab with tub as shown

  6. Yeah really hope they keep the price down on this one and they will have me as new Mitsubishi triton owner for sure

  7. osmosiss 1 says:

    You actually can drive these on road in 4×4, I’ve got the 2020 and that safety in the rain is awesome.

  8. V.C. says:

    something tells me the hilux will have a 2.4 hybrid NA engine, at about 200 hp. not crazy about diesels anymore…

  9. So the twin turbo Nissan engine, also most of them lack head room in rear row, my head at 6ft touches on the side, and some like hilux I only a finger gap between my head and roof in rear, and have mates taller, so I'm looking foward to the new F150

  10. June Lachica says:

    Mitsubishi automobile since 1917 in Japan the first and the pioneer.. no other ❤

  11. Everyone keeps saying this thing is ugly, but I dont get it. This is one of the best looking pickups available imo.

  12. Target_44 says:

    this thing is called bits a missing

  13. Bring out a Rallyart, V6 diesel, 10 speed and I will buy one. Mitsubishi needs to wake up. This new model is not good enough. Wake up Mitsubishi. I have owned 6 Mitsubishi's throughout my life but it looks like a new VW ute.

  14. Good God that looks horrendous

  15. Yehe Ehehe says:

    رد تويوتا على التغيير في صناعة الشاحنات الخفيفة 🤔

  16. Wow nice Mitsubishi

  17. Paul Adam says:

    I will take the last model it looked sharper this refresh blends in

  18. Could of placed the 3.2 into the engine bay?

  19. Naessey says:

    It’s strange how reviews quickly jump to ‘it doesn’t have a V6’. This comment reminds me of AVIS. They promote themselves for years as the best number TWO, because they knew they weren’t ready to be number one. You have Toyota, VW and Ford duking it out for the 100k market. And that is before accessories. I for one thing think this is great package. If they fixed the short wheel frame vs tray weight issue, add another 200kg to towing, and price it right, should be big seller. If you want a V6, nothing will change your mind. I can’t wait to drive this. You’re comparing this car to 3 other cars at least 25k more. Please stop, and just review the car.

  20. The performance and specs sounds awesome but the only issue i have with it is the front of the truck looks really ugly specially with that orange grill

  21. Why do car journalists – and only them – want and like volume knob? Everyone else uses the much more practical buttons on the steering wheel… Why would you want to take your hands off the steering wheel?!?

  22. JPFAM3 says:

    Gimme gimme gimme the ralliart!!!!

  23. David Longo says:

    Il like to see something better Thailand have much better ones than Australia I don’t know why but to be honest is a reason why I won’t buy one keep it

  24. This car it's mitsubishi mate,nothing from navara !

  25. veit jacob says:

    No locking rear differential?

  26. veit jacob says:

    No locking rear differential?

  27. been watching all the release vehicle and been waiting for the first fool to mention Nissan. Congratulations you one. It's a Mitsubishi thru and thru. The Ute was designed to be a work horse. Not a Rolls, Not a Bentley. It's a Ute. Very few get used as a family car except when touring with the caravan. For this it will do the job.

  28. Peter Gibson says:

    Why is he talking in inches in 2023?

  29. Matthew says:

    Shame they got in bed with Nissan, ruined a once lroud company! As for the looks, its mashup of a Ranger and Colorado, just lazy

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