Mom Discovers $500,000 Pokemon Cards In Basement

25 Replies to “Mom Discovers $500,000 Pokemon Cards In Basement”

  1. Dustin4Real says:

    These prices have me scratching my head?

  2. METALMAN4Wii says:

    He can buy a house now.

  3. So basically it was a kid who came from a super super duper rich family. Those booster boxes were still $100 back in the day. & if mom was forking over thousands of dollars just for “worthless Pokémon cards” back then, they’re stupid rich. Sad tbe rich gets richer, poor stays poor…

  4. Mase Rips says:

    Omg why did he open that case of frontiers

  5. What is the store called

  6. Jcmatek says:

    Imagine going to a garage sale and finding these for like 10 dollars each

  7. whos the "interesting person" in the hobby? Does he have a channel? More Pokerev Failing to Credit LOL

  8. Luigi Diaz says:

    Wow.. take her out for special dinner! She could of sold that for $100

  9. Why is ketchup called ketchup?

  10. Try to get your hands on a primal Kroger there are only 24 in the world and I have one

  11. Whittall says:

    how on earth do you forget about a stash that big?

    i had nowhere near a collecton like that, yet i still remember the exact boxes they're in 20 years later

  12. This is why stores are banning adults for buying Pokemon cards lol

  13. SoulLifted says:

    lol let me guess its all yours now?

  14. Wobbuffet says:

    Their greed will bring about the extinction of sealed classic booster boxes until there are none left but the ones they own. Which is probably their plan.

  15. Sharon F says:

    I want the Pichu 🤗🤗🤗

  16. Kyle Kopera says:

    That’s crazy that someone who was so into opening packs like that just forgot about it all. That’s mind blowing

  17. Bro had duplicate mewtwos bro i would keep all of them get them PSA checked and then sell one of them whenever i go broke

  18. Mr. B HewJew says:

    I’m get a warrant and enter every house that has a basement or attic.

  19. Leo_13 says:

    so hi i am a small vlogger i ask some people to help me help some younger collecters who cant afford to buy pokemon cards, i buy pokemon cards sometimes i ask for donations then after unboxing i give it to younger collectors around my area im just asking if you want to be one of the possible donators that could give hope and smile to younger collectors who cant afford to buy a single booster pack and im asking you to be part of the leotantics to give childrens thiers taste of happyness in these cards because i cant afford that much to buy them all cards thats why im looking forward to your kind heart to help me help and guide kids who are willing to start their collection and be part of their journey as they start to unfold it

  20. Gotta love boomers making profits off of our passions and nostalgia.

  21. Kell's Code says:

    How does one buy that many sets and forget they had them? 😂

  22. Kari Altman says:

    I don’t have a basement but I’m checking it anyway

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