Monday Morning Podcast 5-8-23

Bill rambles about phone addiction, Ivy League schools, and Africa.
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43 Replies to “Monday Morning Podcast 5-8-23”

  1. Dave Russell says:

    00:00 not sports

    11:44 sports

    21:05 not sports

    30:48 sports

    31:18 not sports

    33:08 sports

    33:30 not sports

    43:42 sports

    47:34 not sports

  2. Bill hotel California was about a drug rehab for his addiction to cocaine.

  3. Where’s Thursday?

  4. ABS says:

    Instead of these repetitive titles, change it to the highlighted topics

  5. Mrb says:

    Stomping in there like Hacksaw Jim Duggan!!!

  6. Bills acting like we all wouldn't still like Him if He was fat…

  7. elchiponr1 says:

    Its " not the brightest bowl in the bowl drawer"

  8. Jeremy Smith says:

    1234 just give us the f’n money ya c*nts 😂 😂

  9. Bruce Snider says:

    Dope, nate craig is the man.

  10. Joe Star says:

    Depending on your diet, genetics and exercise regiment you can still do much of the things you did when you were in your 30's and 40's. But when you hit your mind 50's that's when shit gets real.

  11. Joshua Dewez says:

    Was at the Vegas show Sat was great he had his jordan flu game

  12. Bonny New says:

    The podcast isn’t playing on any other app

  13. Daniel Lever says:

    26:01 when work doesn't pay you on time

  14. Robyn Rene says:

    Does Bill know Russell Peters ? He’s pretty funny and a natural on stage .

  15. a t says:

    Bill moose are so big im pretty sure their legs are the size of you, maybe more hair. Im gonna say those are not skinny legs.

  16. mark Ronan says:

    "like on a bat on a hill." Christopher Moltisanti

  17. The doors are locked in Canada people can’t just come in and out of houses

  18. You know to be honest, as brash and fat shaming as bill is, he really is overly insecure about that shit. He is literally fatphobic, but like how people lately use the “phobic” suffix to describe a prejudice or dislike, he is truely more afraid of it. A 50+ year old millionaire comedian, he sits down at a drum kit and happens to catch a glance in the mirror and now hes obsessing about the last 10 pounds he gained. Your not even close to fat bill, your just 50 fucking years old. You dont seem to far from asking your wife if your ass looks fat when you try on pants like a laaaadddyyyy!!

  19. James Kirk says:

    I love LA . It was the state song.

  20. Old Man Game says:

    Not the "brightest light in the shed"… Is what GPA said.

  21. Paul Kasper says:

    Wonder what he made doing those 2 shows. 250k a show? No clue

  22. Win Pagan says:

    It was my first time attending a Bill Burr show!

  23. Old Man Game says:

    AMOUNG US! 👽👾👽👾👽👾👽👾👾

  24. Vexar says:

    sort of sad old billie still doing this shout cast to 40k viewers – same old ramblings – getting old i think that is why Rogan shit all over him got the bag he has guest and got better.

  25. I love Erica Rhodes, she's hilarious

  26. Mike Aguilar says:

    Ol Billy Red Nuts killed us in Vegas. Awesome show dude.

  27. Omg 😂😭 I was wearing crocs while listening to this

  28. Bill Moyer says:

    It's Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

  29. I’m called “Billy “ also and since I’m older I think you stole my act, just kidding

  30. Ive always heard the expression as "not the brightest bulb in the box" here on the east coast. A little different, but the same i guess haha

  31. CB 1014 says:

    Being a Bruins fan Bill… no just the B’s dont hit

  32. HIAloha says:

    Ah well, well, well, if it isn’t look who the cat dragged in. 😂

  33. Jon Yusaitis says:

    Bill for the love of god !! Please change this format, just put the footage up of you in front of the mic for every single podcast

  34. Ol' Billy Eating Disorder

  35. Doug Crates says:

    Ping pong had a baby with tennis……😂😂😂😂😂

  36. Helmaroc says:

    Leafs fans were chanting the exact opposite lol. They were saying “We want Florida”. You reap what you sow

  37. Abe Nunya says:

    The Wall-E/Idiocracy crossover we never knew we needed.

  38. A pre owned 718 S can be had for 60k. Should find a good independent mechanic.

  39. Oli says:

    Someone tell bill about trailer park boys getting all the expressions wrong "rickyisms"

  40. "Angeles" by Elliott Smith gets LA right. Empty promises from a vacuous lot of empty execs. Come on out to LA, all your wishes may come true

  41. Darren John says:

    How would I leave a message to Bill to have his take on that

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