Morning News NOW Full Broadcast – July 14

SAG-AFTRA actors go on strike after contract negotiations with the studios stall, the South suffers from an extreme heatwave as the Northeast braces for more rain and President Biden speaks out against Russian President Putin following his NATO trip.

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33 Replies to “Morning News NOW Full Broadcast – July 14”

  1. Eye See You says:

    Many problems.
    One solution.
    Total transparency.
    End the Illusion.

  2. Why does Michelle bullock look like a man 🤔in a dress 👗 and wig 🤔🤔 that jawline is strong 😂😂😂😂

  3. Who gives a s*** about these actors . Let them go working McDonald's

  4. Mama J says:

    And we trust them😂?

  5. Angelina S says:

    AIs will completely change Hollywood whether you like it or not!

  6. C. Dima says:

    The strike is this: the actors are not getting residuals anymore. Instead, studios offer only “buy outs”, which means that even if a series is streamed a million times, the actors only get a lump sum once the show is released (like $2000). Even if the streamers earn millions for airing the show for ten years, the actors DO NOT EARN A CENT MORE than that initial fee. Also, if the streamers have your image, they threaten to use it for AI in perpetuity without the actor earning any money from their own image being used. The streamers say they have no money, when clearly they do.

  7. Paul Kell DC says:

    God’s torment against the guilty shall destroy the innocent, amen❤.

  8. Dan Adams says:

    Why on Earth would a doctor advise consumers that small amounts of diet soda containing aspartame are safe on national news?
    That's essentially the equivalent of telling your child it's not safe to hold a stick of dynamite but it's ok to hold a firecracker in your hand. Crazy🤪

  9. Dan Adams says:

    Are you serious? You've got to be kidding me? Are Gen Z'ers that dumb that they don't know how to use punctuation in a sentence, or is it our education system that's catastrophically failing our younger generation? Perhaps, it is the staus quo for Gen Z'ers to be…lazy? Punctuation is used to communicate thought and expression in a concise and understandable manner/way. How one uses punctuation to convey their message, is how another may understand and react to that message. It's quite elementary.

  10. jay gozer says:

    Maybe hollywood should stop making so much garbage.

  11. Bravo to Ms. Drescher. Respect.

  12. Dan Adams says:

    Hey NBC, why haven't you folks covered the CSUEU rally at the CSU Chancellor's office in Long Beach, California? This would be a note-worthy coverage/report to bring forth in the national spotlight.

  13. Ken Burkham says:

    I take a dump in honor of their talent

  14. sraindear says:

    Junk fees are a GREED strategy by the Greedy without Conscience.

  15. Judith Grace says:

    Strike forever. Programming sucks!

    Carry frozen water bottles for your skin, fur babies, and bring homeless inside.

    Shave heads and send to Ukraine and Sudan with water with fentanyl.

    Let go and let God always. Do for others.
    Keep written. Audio and video journals.
    Karma never loses an address. YOU reapwhat you sow.

    Let go and let God always..

  16. And the world yawned.

  17. I’d like to know WHO found that itty bitty little bag (the size of a dime) of cocaine? The Republicans want to cause trouble for President Biden so bad but he’s squeaky clean. This was the best they could do. And President Biden and the First Lady weren’t even home! 😂 😂

  18. Grammar v text messages v the United States Constitution.
    Every right defind in the 1st Amendment is separated by "and", if the founders of the country wanted them to be separate rights in the 2nd Amendment, why does that word not even exist?

  19. Hans Hencke says:

    Do recent innovations in AI factor into this? AI replacing writers, actors and engineers?

  20. Aly Anton says:

    Left-leaning towards distracting actors complaining about money 💰against 🙄🥶🤑🙏🏽💅🏻 🗣🌀AI THEM ALL IN MOVIES ! THEY
    Already DID ! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣OVERRATE , overpays AND bipartisanship bipolar actor's, 🤑😭🌀

  21. I feel that Hollywood is fantasy and similar to Professional sports in the way that the rich keep getting richer but the ones at the bottom of the totem pole struggle maybe making 15-20 dollars per hour and are lucky to get a 5% raise yearly. Me personally, it wouldn’t hurt my feelings if both would cease to exist but the impact on the (actual) workers would be harsh. Just my opinion. 🤷‍♀️

  22. Solid Snake says:

    What if the writers don’t want to support hollyweird anymore because what they are. It’s time for Hollywood to go under

  23. There was 1 made many years ago Max Wallace and it's called too colourful for the sport. It was on Canadian Broadcasting

  24. Fentanyl should be treated like ecstasy. Basically a death sentence for selling and distributing

  25. We are in the 12.000 years cirkel and they say it is climachance!

  26. The USA is the Agressor not the Russians!

  27. I hope the propaganda ende The ukrain fiths for the USA

  28. The USA lost the war,

  29. Savannah, please choose a pair of glasses that are more natural, like a metal frame. You are beautiful but your glasses are like goggles. With respect, I would like to offer my suggestion.

  30. ~ Terrible scripts, terrible dialogues, terrible insulting to the viewer's intelligence scenes, along with horribly redundent & generic plots, what more or else could one ask of TV & movie creative liberties that the film industry should go on strike for?

  31. orange nite says:

    Can't they just use computer generated actors and do away with the human element all together?

  32. Sounds like Gen Z needs therapy and to stop overthinking punctuation.

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