Morning Woodward Show | Tuesday , July 25th , 2023

Jeff Iafrate and Flannel Sam are LIVE to discuss the latest news surrounding the Detroit Lions, Detroit Pistons, and the Detroit Red Wings.

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6 Replies to “Morning Woodward Show | Tuesday , July 25th , 2023”

  1. Shawn S says:

    What’s with the gaywad and those moronic female orgasmic moans from the Mims catch? Get that idiot off the show christ

  2. KCBayBoi says:

    terrible description of Ben's offense, not every QB can read D and make the correct reads

  3. Nate Paulson says:

    Gotta start labeling the chapters of the videos if you can, hard for later viewers to skip pieces they aren’t interested in!

  4. My dog actually got concerned hearing Lucas' woofing/barking lmfao

  5. Jon H says:

    JB with the.. what woman? 😂

  6. If he needs surgery it's gonna be 6 months

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