Morning Woodward Show | Wednesday , August 2nd , 2023

Jeff Iafrate and Flannel Sam are LIVE to discuss the latest news surrounding the Detroit Lions, Detroit Pistons, and the Detroit Red Wings.

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11 Replies to “Morning Woodward Show | Wednesday , August 2nd , 2023”

  1. Appreciate what you boys bring every day!

  2. This is an Adham sucks comment.

  3. Lanerx420x says:

    “We have a job to do and we are going to continue doing it at a high level” really? You really think Lucas is high level 😂😂😂😂 come on Jeff…

  4. Lanerx420x says:

    Man I thought Flannel was bad, but Lucas is the worst by far. Flannel is okay but only for a few minutes here and there.

  5. mark says:

    The show has two #2 lead guys…

  6. KCBayBoi says:

    Flannel hypes up other teams players why more passionately than Lions players weird

  7. Gary Super says:


  8. Innofy says:

    We need adham back Idgaf what he did bring him back

  9. Jon Laplant says:

    What happento him?

  10. Isaak Thiele says:

    I miss adham so much 😭😭

  11. Lukas Klotz says:

    Jeff just fucked on bro

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