Moza – Best Sim Racing Gear for the Money?

Formula 1 Engineer Reviews Moza Racing Gear!

Thanks to @MOZARacing for sending me this awesome gear to use and review for you!
In this video, I’m going to review the Moza GS V2 Steering wheel, R9 Wheelbase and SR-P pedals with clutch!

It took me a while to get this video out, but I’m glad I took the time to get to know the hardware and spend some time with it. Honestly, it’s been great!

My Sim Rig Setup
– Moza GS V2 Steering Wheel
– Moza R9 V2 Wheelbase
– Moza SRP Pedals (and clutch)
– Playseat Sensation Pro Seat
– Samsung Oddysey 32″ G5 Monitor

Here are the F1 22 settings I used to get the force feedback setup, it may be out of date, but it’s a great video and a good starting point:

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22 Replies to “Moza – Best Sim Racing Gear for the Money?”


  2. Hector Henry says:

    Love your hat papi. wink wink.

  3. Blake, as a former perf. Engineer, do you find yourself poring over the telemetry data after? To see where you could go better etc? Ie “performance engineering” yourself?

  4. clifton23 says:

    Texas! love the flag

  5. Solo says:

    Well, as far as I know, Simagic is quite competitive in terms of money to quality ratio. Yet it's much more expensive ofc))

  6. Septopus says:

    In terms of resistance in real life, what's the total Nm for an actual F1 car steering wheel?

  7. Do you ever make your own setups on iRacing since you have a lot of experience as an engineer?

  8. Congratulations on 100k subscribers!🎉

  9. Étienne says:

    I wanted moza at the beginning, but they only work PC and i needed something multiplateform, so i went with Thrustmaster. T300 with open wheel and Tclm pedal with load cell.

    Im happy with it. But servo heat Up really fast and drop FFB with the load crank up. Its the only downside. F1 23 more than others

  10. Alec Jones says:

    Best sim racing gear is the one you get for free from sponsorship

  11. Ian Ng says:

    Hey Blake, I have a lot of telemetry from Assetto Corsa Competizione and I have more charts and channels than I have sense. Can you do a video where you teach the use of telemetry for setup and driving adjustments.

    Specifically I want to verify my use of suspension travel frequency relative to dampers and spring rate, and the relationship between the weight transfer on the pitch and row axis. Can you do a video on suspension changes based on telemetry and explain the workflow for performance engineers during a regular practice session? Or if I can pay for a session of individual consultation for one set of my telemetry?

  12. Brrrake, do f1 drivers press the clutch when changing gears??

  13. Luis Ruiz says:

    4:59 or the break magic because… you know… bad things can happen.

  14. Would the R9 be compatible with my playseat challenge? It is a fold up seat and I am only running a G29 on it currently, I have a feeling it would be too much stress going though the seat, if you also agree, what seat would you recommend? The less space taken up the better

  15. abbas ahmed says:

    Would you be adding handbrake for rally stuff????

  16. Jimf142 says:

    that is very helpful

  17. naomi panter says:

    Wow thats a really good price for those three. I didn't realise it can be quite accessible.

  18. Ethan Dean says:

    Just a note about the lack of provided profiles – the "reset" button above the "preset modes" menu should bring you some more. Be sure to back up your current ones though, just in case. I pressed "reset" and after confirming it, I had a bunch of profiles for different sims by a guy named Jackson Rao (as well as one Chinese profile for DiRT Rally 2.0.) I can't confirm this for the R9, as I'm using the new R12, but this worked for me. The R9 has been around a lot longer, so theoretically you should get a bunch of profiles, but again I can only speak for my base. Worth a shot though!

  19. CyanCut21 says:

    Great video! With the quality Moza is putting out right now for a really reasonable price, I’m more and more tempted to go for them instead of waiting for Fanatec to release the QR2

    And congrats on the 100k as well, absolutely deserved, keep up the great content man

  20. Jonathan W says:

    I bought the Moza R9 based on your early feedback, I love it dude! Thanks for the recommendation and the great content as always!

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