My $500 Nike Golf Mystery Box…

Today we are back with another playing 9 holes every single day until I shoot under…


39 Replies to “My $500 Nike Golf Mystery Box…”

  1. Nike Jordan’s or ultra boost? Comment below curious

  2. Troy Aldrich says:

    Brett’s mom must have know that he was wearing red, that must be why she had the hole in one.

  3. Daniel 36 says:

    I can play in a tucked in shirt or untucked, my thing is I have to play in a collared shirt or else I play awful

  4. Ben Labit says:

    So awesome that your mom was able to get that hole in one! That’s so amazing!!!

  5. Joe Veliz says:

    COWBOYS FRANCHISE!¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Bryan says:

    love this series

  7. james ? says:

    Love the videos, love this series. Ty for all your hard work and fun videos. You will get to where u want to be. I have to go get golf shoes clothes new clubs. I want to buy used though

  8. Always give a like and a comment! Love the new swag and love the channel! Keep grinding my guy! Always remember to slow it down!

  9. Eli Shettel says:

    Bro u gotta play the last 9 that ur mom hit lol get a hole in one

  10. Dayo Mudge says:

    TD Idk if you meditate or not but look into it… athletes that meditate before playing are more focused, relaxed and perform better. Clear your mind before you play and you'll notice a difference. Also, meditation doesn't mean you're sitting in a room with candles and humming. Meditation is merely a practice of clearing the mind and allowing the body to allow energy to pass rather than stay… You're my favorite streamer and I hope this helps!

  11. Taylor vany says:

    its one over par is +1

  12. John says:

    I get golf Polo's at Goodwill for 7$, some are really nice lol

  13. Roy Fritz says:

    Push ups for every easy putt missed 🎉

  14. Bro. The puts are not falling but there was major improvement. You should be encouraged.

  15. aaron megger says:

    Bruh! Can u not shop online?!? Stores always charge more because 100$ per shirt is crazy lol the shirts are all fire though!

  16. Collab with good good

  17. kevin lemus says:

    Brett you need a super stroke flatso grip 2.0 most likely . Your putter face is moving way to much. Try to keep it straight all the way through and hit your lines.

  18. Just so you know Brett when you mark the ball you put the tee or marker if you eventually get one behind the ball

  19. LEO FRANCOIS says:


  20. Joel Arguijo says:

    Golf swing is looking a lot smoother love this series!

  21. TD I had to take a 6 month long break from watching you play Madden because you drive me insane. I just started watching you play golf a week ago and I need a break from you again.

  22. jru jru says:

    Oppenheimer 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  23. Beckett C says:

    Is this series going to continue every summer before the new madden

  24. Lowkey HULK says:

    YOU HAVE TO PLAY 18 not 9 you cbs always come back from + 4

  25. TommyTTV says:

    You’re getting better and better each video Brett. Keep up the great work man!

  26. Get yourself a new putter. It did wonders for my confidence when I did it LOL.

  27. Brett Baker says:

    You’re an inspiration for me and I’ve been watching since day 1. I love the golf channel and I’m not even a big fan of it. You kill everything you so bc you don’t quit. It’s always been a dream of mine to be in one of your madden leagues. Respect you and your channel. Also our names are pretty similar lol

  28. CTG Cement says:

    A hunded for a shirt tho …. 😭

  29. Lookin like Tiger out there with the red!

  30. You should pull the pan when you put

  31. Probably Jordan’s at the moment

  32. DFitch says:

    You gotta get a ball marker🤣

  33. 7:23 mama need a channel. 👏🏽

  34. Szat says:

    Golf Town-Golf Galaxy in Amerixa

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