MY FOREVER PUTTER? Scotty Cameron Special Select vs Evnroll | Build My Bag Series

In this video we look for my forever putter and complete the Build My Bag series with Scotty Cameron Special Select vs Evnroll

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32 Replies to “MY FOREVER PUTTER? Scotty Cameron Special Select vs Evnroll | Build My Bag Series”

  1. Hope everyone is safe and well ❤️

  2. You Got so many. Can you spare one 🙏🏻😉

  3. DrMetalpin says:

    I’m guessing he’s changed his putter in his bag at least 20 times since this video was made. Content. 😉

  4. My dream putter is the putter I have: the Ping 1-A 🙂

  5. Chewy V says:

    Evnroll didn’t copy Scotty Cameron, Scotty Cameron and Evnroll both copied Ping Anser

  6. I use a Flowback 5.5 and it became my absolute favorite putter🙂

  7. Wilson infinite bucktown putter is class

  8. Joe Walsh says:

    pete i think you are biased by the looks of the putter. give us stronger data.

  9. Joe Munley says:

    I narrowed it down after testing to Newport, mizuno m craft and Evnroll er 1v4. Tried the 2 but was making more with 1v4. Ended up buying the Evnroll, just felt better and had better distance control for me. All are great though

  10. Scotty Cameron's are a work of art!

  11. Have: original 2 ball

    Want 2018 newport

  12. Gydez says:

    How does Bettinardi and Swag putters never make it into these videos!?

  13. greg schulte says:

    love the del mar, totally different than what I've used in the past. would never have considered this purely by looks. picked it up and never put it down.

  14. Alex Is says:

    at the end of the day it's about lowering your score. I don't care as much about whether I felt the ball hit off the heel, toe, or center as long as the ball goes in the hole. Some golf snobs are all about making the game harder than it needs to be.

  15. NtheKnife18 says:

    I have ER5 Hatchback and a Newport 2 I keep going back and forth.

  16. Stephen Eads says:

    No to the Phantom design but yes to the megamind lab a few months later??????? I LOVEEE you Pete, but the putter advice I’ll have to seek elsewhere because you’re TOO predictable and stuck in your ways!

  17. Kevin Zabel says:

    i just got my scotty cameron laguna 2016

  18. Paul Hofman says:

    Ok. So a lot of blah blah and balls hit and in the end: "I just like the way this one looks". Check. This video could have been shortened to 1 min.

  19. Toon Lad says:

    Newport 2.5👌

  20. Jay Hales says:

    For me it was down to the Enroll 2 and the Squareback 2. I ended up with the Scotty Cameron Squareback 2 with the Enroll 1.2 (65 gram) putter grip. Spec out at length 32.375" lie 74.5° loft 2° 25 gram weights in the head and a 8 gram weight in butt of shaft.

  21. Ryan Ashby says:

    Most Scotty owners, pick the putter that works best for you, or pick the putter that make you excited.

  22. davenator81 says:

    Just bought the same putter. It’s glorious, great feel and looks awesome!

  23. Vince Castro says:

    Literally the exact putter I chose also. Sound and feel is phenomenal. Also short putts feel so automatic and natural again.

  24. Bad Muppet says:

    Peter obviously has relationship issues when it comes to putters lol

  25. Jackie Chow says:

    This didn’t age well

  26. My dream putter…here goes.
    Scotty Cameron GSS Timeless Newport 2 …my specs: 33.5" standard loft and lie. 326 gram head. Blue bomb on the back upper left of the cavity, and a blue bomb on the front at the heel. No alignment line just a blue dot on the topline directly over the sweet spot. Smooth face, no mill marks. Ping pp58 grip blacked out. GSS stamped on the heel bumper and my initials laser engraved on the toe bumper in my handwriting.

  27. Peter says:

    Love my Scotty putter T22 fastback

  28. Scotty is a copy of the ping anser basically

  29. FRAN BAEZA says:

    Scotty Cameron Casanova

  30. Just another Scotty fanboy is all…

  31. Why don’t u send me one of the 8 putters you’re not using! For the sake of golf

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