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24 Replies to “MY PATRONS HATE ME!!!”

  1. Cutting it close again… 😅 But got 4 vids filmed today since I'm heading to a wedding this weekend! Some AWESOME stuff that I can't wait for you to see. 8/365

  2. Workin that yt algorithm hard with the polarizing image. When it popped up with the discmania mystery box, it led me to believe the box may have contained a severed head like the movie scene.

  3. JT Nob says:

    Yeah, come down to the springs. Let's do a bag swap? I am lone star.

  4. Tsxtasy1 says:

    1:00 I didn’t even see that line. I threw a halo TB3 under the limb on the right of the box. C1 edge for birdie

  5. Eric Sneider says:

    The echo is such a great mold.

  6. DiscJunkies says:

    Hilarious video, need more of these for sure!!!

  7. The Fuji is ridiculously amazing! I love that disc

  8. The Drone and the Quake are amazing discs! The old ESP FLX Drones are the best!

  9. fun editing at the end!

  10. That specific run of Vanish is incredibly stable just as an fyi

  11. Well done by the patrons…that was fun to watch!

  12. PaSmith says:

    How can I get a good coach? 🤘✌️

  13. Dominic T says:

    I've been telling y'all that the Chief is GOOD! I used to throw Tombs, then I got on the Gateway Ambassador team and I sold all my backup Tombs and replaced them with Chiefs.

    btw code 'OHIO15' gets you 15% off at Gateway lol

  14. I just got a Fuji and maybe mine was very used or maybe it’s that I’m at sea level but mine is very straight with just a touch of fade at the end

  15. Latty overmold!?! Whut???

  16. 1andonlyMiro says:

    Ooooooh that Beetle shot was actually good. Most people CAN'T throw that thing cleanly and it will show you immediately if you wobble it. Just a bit low on that shot but man did that look clean.

  17. Sam Harwood says:

    The flying squirrel mold is used for dino discs, the Brachiosaurus. I have one for my 7 year old, 129g. I agree, i hate the feeling. This one is still plastic with a small wing and big dome.

  18. Fuji is money! First ace disc.

  19. Where’s the shirt from??

  20. They did really well with that course! You still have to come down to the springs one day and play some down here!

  21. That Beetle…love it! I knew it was too deep for your hands 🤣 have fun at the wedding, dance your ass off!

  22. James Cairn says:

    You must have tiny hands… the rainmaker is shallower than the p2 and it’s still deep for you.

  23. kmd47 says:

    First. Ty for the video!

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