My Students Drop 20 Shots With This Amazing 1 Minute Drill!

The best golf swing drill ever. I’ve seen this drill take golfers from scoring in the 90s to the 70s. You’ll be driving it farther off the tee, striking your irons pure, and having more fun. This golf tip will take your ball striking from amateur to pro level in minutes.

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I am Tom Saguto, PGA Member and founder of SagutoGolf. Thank you for visiting my channel where you can learn how to play the best golf of your life. Whether you are an expert golfer looking for a quick swing tune-up or a beginner looking to play better. I am here to help you achieve your golfing goals.

My mission as your swing coach is simple, to help you maximize your enjoyment in game of golf. Because, let’s face it, golf is a hard game.

My goal for you is to have the most fun of your life playing golf. You’ll be hitting farther, straighter, and playing better golf by watching these videos. What are you waiting for, let’s get started!


38 Replies to “My Students Drop 20 Shots With This Amazing 1 Minute Drill!”

  1. SagutoGolf says:

    Like 👍this video and comment below if it helped you improve your golf game!

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  2. Do these tips also work with the driver

  3. Eazy Each says:

    What is this “divot” you speak of? I’m not familiar wit dat!

  4. Scott Alchin says:

    Was taught this soooo many years ago, especially the 'lead arm only' drill for ball contact, yet over the past couple of years the dreaded 'bent lead arm' has crept back in..
    Forget about all the other drills for stopping slice, hook, rotation etc, this drill is sound and will get you to understand consistent contact.

  5. Thanks for all your help Tom….I am hitting farther and straighter., but I know I can do a bit better… the problem is with my lead leg on the downswing.. should I fire it straight back or forward… what about the lead hip…? Any videos on this…. ? Thank You.

  6. Never trust a man in Crocks

  7. Njoy Ridin says:

    Are lining the ball up forward of center more than usual because you are keeping your weight forward?

  8. Russ Quick says:

    Good morning Tom-What a hoot! That should make believers out of your "easy" instruction. Ya gotta love it. Know you have both feet splayed but the left especially so-maybe 30-35 degrees. Am I seeing this correctly? And in the transfer forward how much weight is on your left heel? Be good-Russ

  9. 0:40 "It goes against the grain of what you have probably heard in golf instruction". Why would moving the weight forward go against the grain? Literally every single coach is advocating that.

  10. I love the video production in this one. High quality! Looks like the "wrench" approach with the weight more heavily put on the left side then the traditional 55 to 60%. Is that correct? Also appears in the video angle that you have the ball maybe 2" or so inside the left heel. Like maybe two balls back from the left shoulder? Is that the case? Fantastic video! Thanks Tom!

  11. Moon Face says:

    Never played but has a perfect grip straight away 🧐

  12. Dan says:

    Well done Colin!

  13. Every single time I watch one of your videos I always want to go to the range or play a round.
    Great teaching style with your simple but effective methods. Greetings from Vancouver Canada.

  14. Keaton Grant says:

    Nice production quality increase, Tom! Loving it.

  15. Bulldognm says:

    Tom, I am using single length irons… it the same concept?

  16. AJ Strasser says:


  17. Tommy Chapo says:

    Awesome, stuff!👍

  18. Sh F says:

    👏🏻👏🏻Way to go, Cole!

  19. Good shot Colton. Tom is the G.O.A.T. instructor.

  20. Kek Johnson says:

    Im 61 years old and got into golf last fall. Shot 72 on my first nine holes in 20 years. (Never had been any good at it.) played in my first scramble 2 weeks ago and shot a 42. Thanks to you I’m now a solid bogey golfer with lots of room to improve!

  21. Brandon Moy says:

    Hey Tom,

    When keeping your weight forward, how do you maintain your posture and weight constant to be able to hit consistent buttery strikes? My biggest issue is I’ll have my weight forward, but I will still chunk it or chicken wing with my lead arm at impact. I believe that as I’m taking the club back, I’m actually swaying towards my lead foot which causes me to lean back on the downswing causing my chunk/chicken wing. Is there a drill that you like that helps maintain that “posture” throughout the entirety of the swing? Because you mention swaying away from the ball, but what about swaying towards the ball? Lol thanks man

  22. Daniel Askew says:

    Tom Saguto. The man who taught me how to hit a golf ball. Over the past six months, everyone tried to change me. Tried to tell me some throwaway tip every time I topped one or sliced my driver. They thought I was a jerk for not trying their useless advice. I chose instead to stick to the system. Now I can pure it consistantly with any club in my bag, while they still struggle time after time. If I ever get the chance for a personal lesson with any coach in the world, it will be Tom Saguto. Thank You Tom.

  23. CJ Barahona says:

    Uh oh…..another addict has been born!

  24. NFiltr8Red says:

    Tom, next video………

    Club swing/ ball placement from wedges to Driver.

  25. R Fall says:

    Tommy Sags is awesome. Hit up a corp scramble out in the Great Northwest and was the first time I was ever able to implement the "ball divot" technique….after watchin' his vids…simple and easy to follow…thanks Tommy

  26. aj dileo says:

    I broke 80 for the first time in my life on Sunday! 78 I was over the moon!

  27. I’m reminded of the ending of the movie Scrooged when Murray’s character is saying it can happen just like Tom just did in this video. Good work

  28. J T says:

    Great video!!

  29. Ed Erwin says:

    Wow! Great teacher!

  30. I’d drive to Myrtle Beach and spend a week there for a golf bootcamp with Tom. I’m so close to quitting this sport. 12 years ago I was an 8 handicap and now I look like a beginner.

  31. When I’m on the range it works perfectly! But the course it’s inconsistent what can I do to fix?

  32. Dave Parsons says:

    Tom, I belong to your school and enjoy the depth to which your lessons go. The question I have is…..would you say that the full swing is lead side dominant (left arm for right handed swing)?

  33. Tom you’re the best man. Would love to see a one off video of you playing a round.

  34. timothy ward says:

    The two minute drill for golf instruction! Simple is SO MUCH BETTER!!

  35. The quality of this video far surpasses anything I've seen so far. The videographer was a great sport; he should play more often.

  36. Mark Cullen says:

    At 10:19 his hands rolled over just after impact. Need to teach him to rotate hands and forearms on the way back too. H and your hands roll over just after impact too when your not hitting punch shots. Must be a feel vs real thing

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