National League South Predictions! – The Off-Air Podcast S2 E3

Welcome to the JPonComms Channel!
Today, join Nigel, Sean and I in taking a look at the National League South and giving our predictions.
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4 Replies to “National League South Predictions! – The Off-Air Podcast S2 E3”

  1. Dean Bridger says:

    Good work guys very informative 👍. Keep it up

  2. Pyro says:

    First match day of the season, can't wait. Great podcast. As an Eastbourne fan I'm hoping for big things.

  3. Dale Litton says:

    I like your broadcasts. I follow you from Dallas, TX. My #1 team is Wrexham, but I started watching your broadcast last season… and it stuck! I do need subtitles for Nigel! I’ll be hoping that MU gets promoted!

  4. Off Side says:

    Sean's done Dartford's team talk for them when they play Stones this season 🤣

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