Never Do These 3 Things Hitting Your Long Irons

There are some very critical things you should never do when hitting your long irons on the golf course. Fix these and you will start hitting some great long iron shots. #longirons #neverdothis #subscribe

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50 Replies to “Never Do These 3 Things Hitting Your Long Irons”

  1. I always tell myself, never sway! I shout to myself, never sway! It has worked miracles.

  2. I have improve a lot my golf game from driver, fairway wood , pitch and chip, thank you, you are a gorgeous teacher, we love you🤗

  3. dgarcia5555 says:

    Instructions unclear… I screwed a hooker 😲

  4. karan corey says:

    My favorite golf guru…when I'm hitting my sand, gap or pitching wedges, I do set my club up off my back foot where it's going to contact the ball. Should I do what you're doing with my wedges as well? Or is is ok to set up where the face is going to contact the ball?

  5. Joe W. says:

    Can you go over playing from the ruff?

  6. Starship says:

    Simple but efficient

  7. Link505 says:

    Great video! I struggle with your first point as I can't get my long irons air-born. Just have one questions. With the hands being more neutral or back does not close the club face somewhat?

  8. Greg B says:

    Wow, I had instant results, Matt! Using the screw technique shaved 8 strokes off my score the very 1st time. Thanks so much for the advice! My game has totally improved.

  9. Great lesson, helped me a lot. Thanks!!

  10. catman1050 says:

    Screwing is good!

  11. Alan Chopko says:

    Love your channel watch you all the time how about three woods

  12. Amos Taylor says:

    Mr Shortgame! I really really like your tips and your style!

  13. Jody Roberts says:

    No.1 is completely false it’s a different technique you have more hip rotation and the club face comes back down square

  14. m4a1mustang says:

    The idea of screwing myself into the ground is the single most helpful tip I've ever received. Completely changed my game.

  15. What is that club your hitting, it looks like a metal hybrid with a graphite shaft.

  16. Mike Hause says:

    More on chipping and pitching

  17. Tyler Bates says:

    Sound lil sick in this one bubba 🥺🤒

  18. les moore says:

    your swing looks so good….. thanks again for your help…i loved it when you said "your paying someone money to fix things you could fix yourself"…..

  19. noControl says:

    I'm good at screwing myself with long irons

  20. point 3 , something that really helped me on this, keep the left arm against the chest, can even see when you twist the club(hand rotation @ 5:59) how it moves away which causes all kind of inconsistent shots.

  21. Josh Burrows says:

    Out of any golf youtuber this guy has helped the most . I don't watch anyone else anymore for tips , drills or instruction.

  22. LuKyStan says:

    I like how you get right to the point. You don’t spend 5 minutes setting up what you want to get across. Great tips! Thank you.

  23. All pros have hands forward

  24. No hate here, watched your videos for a while but I think the first point is flawed. Maybe not an exaggerated hands forward is what you mean but I am a 3HC and have hands forward, not even close to straight or behind, on all clubs except driver and have zero shots that are low hookers. I average 222 yards carry on my 4 iron with hands forward and what is to me a closed club face with a baby fade.5=210 avg, 6 194 avg, 7 180 avg.

  25. GrimJim says:

    No sway and Screw myself. Got it!

  26. Omg 😲 just watched a couple of your videos and so much makes sense. Al ,5 handicap but loosing shots . Chipping advice 👍🏼

  27. B C says:

    Thank you so much for straight to the points. No long speeches. Much helpful!!

  28. YoMomma says:

    Tips are great, but what shoes are those? 🔥🔥🔥

  29. MVP1622 says:

    I’m diggin the kicks!! What’s the info👀🦻🏽

  30. Paul Kim says:

    I love your videos. I enjoy watching them and I always try to go back and watch them over helps a lot. So thanks for all the advice and it's very informative. Not sure if you already have or haven't, could you make a video about different lofts of wedges and how to use them? For what distance or in what types of scenarios you'll use what wedge/club?? Much Mahalo 🤙

  31. NLPrometheus says:

    I kinda figured out tip 3 by myself thankfully. Had the biggest struggle to hit it straight, mostly either pushing right or hooking. With the club on the outside i can feel my arm coming across my chest a whole lot better and giving me the room to swing freely. These are the kinds of things you just forget if you don't play for 3 years

  32. Michael Wade says:

    I would add #4. Don’t try to help the ball get up in the air. Hit it flush and let the loft get it skyward.

  33. Mike Biase says:

    Wow that's me even with my 5 iron – Thanks fantastic 👍

  34. Nasty Nate says:

    In my experience, when too much forward shaft lean is presented at address the fault is simply ball position. People will fault the grip or the stance but really the ball is just a tad too far back. Nothing wrong with a punch 4 iron… but you need to know how to control the face to avoid misses. Shaft lean with long irons is always a good idea, just make sure the ball is kept a little forward of middle.

  35. Fantastic tips! Thanks!

  36. Hands in, club out .It really worked.

  37. DannyDD1979 says:

    Super helpful, thanks man!

  38. D.C. Power says:

    Your video just kept me from throwing my clubs in the pond…

  39. Shawn Davis says:

    I guess I have never been good at screwing myself. As much as I want to, I just can't find a way to make it work for me! Would a longer shaft help?

  40. RY says:

    Best youtube golf instructor i've found. Practical tips, short videos, and to the point. Barely had to skip sections of the video. Great for his algorithm but better for us! thanks matt

  41. Been working on that hip turn. Played 9 this week. Hit 71% fairways and 78% GIR. I’m a believer. And noticing more distance with my irons.

  42. Jame Lynch says:

    Thanks for reminding me about the sway. Way back when when I learned this it was also described as don't let the swing pull your body out of line with the ball.

  43. So if I don’t move my arm forward I always end up topping all my irons. What’s the move?

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