Never Do This in Your Backswing in Golf #shorts

Fix your backswing in golf with this feel.

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6 Replies to “Never Do This in Your Backswing in Golf #shorts”

  1. Daniel 36 says:

    That’s my problem with my swing. The open club face and coming across my body leading to that slice. What’s worse is with a driver I can hit a beautiful fade, but I slice my irons

  2. Always love your energy, dude! Also, you should respond to @dzygoter 's comment. 🙂 Have a good one.

  3. I push back for best results with my swing. Pushing back doesn’t necessarily mean a cupped wrist will occur.

  4. Tell that to Hogan or the 2022 US Open Champion or Bobby Jones. It's about match ups. Not a flat or bowed lead wrist at the top. It's about motion not movement.

  5. UncleT0ny says:

    Wicked farmers tan

  6. dzygoter says:

    What's the correct way to set the wrist? Thanks!

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