Never Rush Your Downswing & Develop Smooth Effortless Power #shorts #golfswing #golf #ericcogorno


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12 Replies to “Never Rush Your Downswing & Develop Smooth Effortless Power #shorts #golfswing #golf #ericcogorno”

  1. James Town says:

    Thanks for this.
    It’s something I learned 47 years ago but don’t remember consciously doing it in over 20 years.

    Jack said something like, “In golf, you sometimes remember things you thought you’d never forget.”

    For me it’s sometimes something so basic as staying down thru impact (head up) or any of the GASP – grip, alignment, stance and positioning the ball.

  2. John Adamo says:

    I used to use a deep breath in, big exhale and that was my cue to take the putter back. Removed stress. Some buddies chuckled at me 'til they didn't 😉

  3. You pretty much do the same thing when shooting. Nice tip.

  4. Randy Cooper says:

    I incorporated a slow exhale while putting: never stroke the ball until at least halfway through the exhale. Has helped me make more putts.

  5. Tried this yesterday. Hit some of the purest/best shots I’ve ever hit. Thank you!

  6. Good point! This simple focus is probably best, but there is also box breathing: in 4 hold 4 out 4 hold 4. Military and first responders use it, for when you really need to get stable quick!

  7. Same 4 count breaths while over the ball?

  8. Lance Manyon says:

    Great tip Eric to slow down your mind and process the shot. The better I play the harder it can be to slow down my process and thoughts and stay in the moment rather than thinking about the final score etc. amazing how when I get ahead of myself I falter down the stretch and then when I stay in the moment and do this type of exercise how much more consistent the play is. Great tip as always Eric

  9. I always wondered this, lived on a golf course for 10yrs and I would ask all the best players if they hold their breath or exhale and swing. Also a swimmer so breathing is an obsession.

  10. Jonathan says:

    I started rushing my downswing, like I have to think about slowing my hips down and speeding my arms up. It has dramatically helped my slice/push that I had.

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