NEW COURSE Kasota Hills in PGA TOUR 2K23

BEAUTIFUL New Course Kasota Hills designed by Heisenberg in PGA TOUR 2K23! PGA TOUR 2K23 Gameplay First Look & Impressions! Full 18 hole round at Kasota Hills by Heisenberg! PGA TOUR 2K23 PC Gameplay. Many more gameplay videos including tutorials, career mode, and much more can be found on the channel! Checkout all of my PGA 2K23 course showcases in this playlist:

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Song: Everglow and We March Together
Artist: Patrick Patrikios
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12 Replies to “NEW COURSE Kasota Hills in PGA TOUR 2K23”

  1. Heisenberg says:

    Thanks as always mate. Heisenberg is the main character out of Breaking Bad. He cooks blue meth in an RV (in the TV series) and there's a squirrel stealing his meth just near the driving range. I never forget your squirrel…… well mostly never 😉 12.8k subscribers…. getting a little bit too big time now aren't we? I remember your first course playthrough a couple of years back. Young Ryan Gamer is growing before our very eyes folks. Eheh. Congrats – keep killing it.

  2. Ryan needs some new drip

  3. Bobby says:

    What setting do u play on

  4. brubie says:

    Chipping is my bane too. I'm not proud of many parts of my golf game, but chipping is a whole nother story

  5. wc707welder says:

    Watchin this rn before I go golf and I can relate to you needing to work on the short game IRL… maybe I’ll chip/putt before my round 😂 it’s the most important part of golf! 👍🏻

  6. wc707welder says:

    So when can we start paying designers to make our home courses? Lol sign me up for that!

  7. Forrest Lane says:

    Ryan, I’m still on Amateur, but I shot -14! Have a great time away

  8. pondi85fro says:

    the players have crowd noises on their bluetooths cause of the lack of fans. lols

  9. Fantastic round of golf! I played this course the other day and had one of my best rounds ever. Very scoreable course. This course design was so realistic. So well done! Cheers!!

  10. Bobby Diggs says:

    Nice round Ryan! I believe the Heisenberg comes from the main character on the breaking bad show

  11. He said this is his best so far

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