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20 Replies to “NEW Discmania Vanguard // The PD For The Masses”

  1. Justin Hatch says:

    Seems to almost throw like a fresh valkyrie

  2. ZKH hungo says:

    very few discs with actual thunderbird numbers, looking forward to trying these out

  3. Jacob Davies says:

    Anyone heard of a thunderbird??

  4. Kevin Kostka says:

    This slot has taken over the Firebird slot in my bag. I throw an Honor, rather than one of these—they're extremely similar, though—but it has the flexibility at my arm speed to give a little more distance with the reliable fade or to be an absolute meathook on some hyzer. It's nice having two good options in one disc.

  5. Funk Gremlin says:

    This seems really similar to the streamline lift

  6. Breakk1 says:

    Is it just a L64's Royal Honor?

  7. Props for mentioning the wobble on the forehand! I see so many reviews when they throw a similar forehand to yours, and they talk about "hyzer flips with the forehand"😂🤦 maybe just a pet peewe of mine lol, great review as always!

  8. Patrick Pigg says:

    Dope, you mentioned the CD1. I was going to ask how it would complement a dynasty(CD2), and that gave me my answer.

  9. You just made me want to buy another disc! Lol 😂

  10. Paul Lafleur says:

    No yucky anhyzer top – Yay!

  11. Try an RPM Discs Tara Iti
    It’s great
    Just like this Vanguard you’re describing

  12. Visse says:

    The Vanguard seems to fly like my Vulture does

  13. Eric Walter says:

    My bag is set but there is something about this disc that is making me curious.

  14. Caleb Dyer says:

    I use the infinite Roman (old pd mold) and it’s one of my farthest flyers for my arm speed (≈370) it won’t push as far as something flipper but it’s more consistent

  15. Tanner Bolen says:

    How does this compare to the Latitude 64 Honor? Looks like it's the same as the Royal Line plastic and numbers are similar with the Honor showing as just a tick more fade.

  16. Hope it comes in orange. Good review

  17. Brett McHan says:

    I am so excited I lost my beat in PD a week or so ago and I have been throwing my s line pd trying to get it to this spot!

  18. Jii-Ro says:

    fd1 is kinda slower pd but not as beefy

  19. 1andonlyMiro says:

    Can you compare this to a Lat64 Striker as it looks pretty similar?

  20. Dude! You missed it. Ricky Wysocki was at your course (Shawnee) just the other day (7/29). Great dude

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