PGA TOUR 2K23 Challenge Series! This is attempt 15 of my second Impossible Challenge in PGA TOUR 2K23 – Even or better on extreme course conditions at Central Park (AG) golf course inspired by the classic Tiger Woods Golf Games on TGCTOURS Master Difficulty Settings. PGA TOUR 2K23 PC Gameplay. PGA TOUR 2K23 Gameplay First Look & Impressions! Many more gameplay videos including tutorials, career mode, and much more! Tune into more PGA 2K23 challenge videos in this playlist:

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24 Replies to “NEW IMPOSSIBLE CHALLENGE in PGA TOUR 2K23 – Attempt 15!”

  1. Tough battle out there but we showed a lot of heart! We can do this!!! We may be here awhile though… So pumped to keep continuing this new impossible challenge! I hope everyone is enjoying this challenge series! Many more challenge videos will be coming! Also, when this video breaks 70 likes I will return to this impossible challenge for the 16th time! If you missed the first impossible challenge at the Predator (AG) you should check it out on the channel because it was epic! Tune into more PGA 2K23 challenge videos in this playlist: || Checkout my course showcases in this playlist: || Checkout my full tutorial playlist for PGA 2K23 if you are looking for ways to improve your game here: || There will be plenty more videos coming for PGA TOUR 2K23! Subscribe, turn on notifications, and stay tuned! My next live stream will be Monday afternoon (August 7, 2023) on Twitch if you all want to check out some live gameplay. Here is my twitch link: || Typical stream schedule is Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 1:00 PM EST on Twitch!

  2. Demodexitch says:

    Epic battle of will and a lot of heart today. Ryan GOAT getting only stronger and feel CP-AG grip weakening. You did par 1 last week, starting a streak. One time on 4 and 14! A lot of solid shots and lessons learned. Looking forward to next week, you got this!

  3. Jeremy says:

    Maybe you need to be more negative, like "yea, we're not going to win this week." Things like that and maybe the course will hear you, and maybe things will get easier. You're always like we never give up, but the course doesn't need to hear that. It seems like every time you say positive things, that's when things go bad. You started the 1st by talking about how the wind will help them. 2nd hole the wind screws you.

  4. Kyle Coultas says:

    Why was the wind so different in this round btw? Were your settings correct?? I get variable change, but none of the holes seemed the same in the other attempts…

  5. Kyle Coultas says:

    Negative…. Gotta see 18-time before I give a 1-time, bruh….

  6. Kyle Coultas says:

    This course is exactly the stress of passing a PGA PAT (Player's Aptitude Test) to get into the business of the PGA. Key is to ELIMINATE BOGEY AT ALL COST, MISHIT PURPOSELY and think ahead of them. Never expect a perfect shot.

  7. Kyle Coultas says:

    Got a fresh beer ready. 🍻

  8. Not the way to go on 17th…

  9. Camzo26 says:

    One time 🎉🎉

  10. Evan Renda says:

    I'm not sure that's the way to go on #17. Too much risk involved. Love this series

  11. Jerry Wilus says:

    How the hell do you get a perfect swing so often? I can't even get 1.

  12. pondi85fro says:

    i almost always give it 10 mins before i hit the like button and comment but i saw 15th attempt smiled and said here we go again. so had to hit that button straightaway LMAO

  13. wc707welder says:

    Unlimited one times comin in hot from NorCal for ya lol LFG! It’s happening next Friday!

  14. One Time!! I just so love this impossible challenge series! Mostly because I am not the one doing it!! LOL!! The putt on the 14th Hole was incredible!! I am really feeling good about the next attempt. Hmmm…I think I might have said that 14 challenges prior! Let’s Go!!

  15. One time great putt on that par 5 that was rolling!!!

  16. Forrest Lane says:

    On #17, put the drive to the EDGE of 18 green, then driver to the 17th green.. worth a try

  17. Forrest Lane says:

    #14 was AWESOME.. it’s SO ALIVE

  18. brubie says:

    What a good start and end of the run. We can forget about the middle like 10 holes. Time to win next round! I think I'm going to attempt this but with pro swing difficulty (usually play on Master) but that way I can experience your challenge without getting ruined by small swing plane errors.

  19. Forrest Lane says:

    I one timed hole #4.. Let’s GOOO!!!

  20. Best part of Friday. Popcorn ready. One time let's go!

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