PGA TOUR 2K23 Challenge Series! This is attempt 3 of my second Impossible Challenge in PGA TOUR 2K23 – Even or better on extreme course conditions at Central Park (AG) golf course from the classic Tiger Woods Golf Games on TGCTOURS Master Difficulty Settings. PGA TOUR 2K23 PC Gameplay. PGA TOUR 2K23 Gameplay First Look & Impressions! Many more gameplay videos including tutorials, career mode, and much more! Tune into more PGA 2K23 challenge videos in this playlist:

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14 Replies to “NEW IMPOSSIBLE CHALLENGE in PGA TOUR 2K23 – Attempt 3”

  1. New personal best! Let's go! At least we made some progress. Wow we my be here awhile… LOL!!! So pumped for this new impossible challenge! I hope everyone is enjoying this challenge series! Many more challenge videos will be coming! Also, when this video breaks 70 likes I will return to this impossible challenge for the 4th time! If you missed the first impossible challenge at the Predator (AG) you should check it out on the channel because it was epic! Tune into more PGA 2K23 challenge videos in this playlist: || Checkout my course showcases in this playlist: || Checkout my full tutorial playlist for PGA 2K23 if you are looking for ways to improve your game here: || There will be plenty more videos coming for PGA TOUR 2K23! Subscribe, turn on notifications, and stay tuned! My next live stream will be Monday afternoon (May 15, 2023) on Twitch if you all want to check out some live gameplay. Here is my twitch link: || Typical stream schedule is Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 1:00 PM EST on Twitch!

  2. Sandgroper says:

    Hey Ryan, once you’ve beaten this one have a go at “ Isla Volcan del Diablo” it’s a fun fantasy course (my second one I ever created). On max settings, you’ll have some fun.

  3. Your ball keeps disappearing when you are on the greens.

  4. Rob Joyner says:

    Maybe on these tougher challenges you talk a little less and concentrate

  5. 21:30 "Ya live and ya learn" .
    I'm confident that you're going to learn to par this course in 20 attempts or less .
    Have a fantastic week Ryan and I'll see you next week .🤞

  6. Congratulations on the new pb and the birdie! Is that really 1 birdie in 54 holes of golf? Oh yeah, you got this.

  7. User says:

    Epic battle today. Yeah, the course had you questioning reality itself for a moment, but you pulled it together with some stretches of greatness. Starting to believe the dream may be real. One time!

  8. Dad Life says:

    Is the impossible challenge a mode available on the ps5?

  9. According to Google pga tour 2k 23 is the best golf game right now

  10. What a massive improvement from last attempt!! That putt on the 9th hole was brilliant!! Ready for attempt #4! Let’s Go!! You got this!!

  11. Looking forward to the 500 attempts of this with Trent Ryan😂

  12. So going by feelings: Pars=BIrdies, Birdies=Eagles and Eagles=Albys

  13. May the wind be at ever at your back, your swing plane straight, your aim true and your Tempo Perfect!

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