New Kia Soul EV review – most underrated electric car? | What Car?

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In this new Kia Soul EV review, we look at whether it is one of the most underrated electric cars around.

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40 Replies to “New Kia Soul EV review – most underrated electric car? | What Car?”

  1. Mike Brueton says:

    I’ve had my Kia soul first edition for two years now. I mainly drive on A and B roads here in Dorset and regularly achieve 5+ miles per kWh. My last full charge on Sunday was showing a range of 320 miles. Overall a brilliant car

  2. hmmmm says:

    put some timestamps buddy. get out of stone age. it's 2023, and we are in August.

  3. Is it correct house insurance is going up if you have an EV charger installed due to increased fire risk

  4. Stekie says:

    Do you do all the electric car review cause ur name has volt ⚡️ in it 🤷🏻‍♂️😂

  5. Couldn't agree with you more, this EV is very under rated. I too have the 2015 27kwh Kia Soul EV and it's a great first place to start with electric cars. Yes it's more money but it's so much better equipped than the first Nissan Leaf with the 6kwh onboard charger and 50kwh rapid chademo charger which the Renault Zoe doesn't have

  6. Why didn't you tell us the seats down capacity of the Kia Soul EV? Also your maths is terrible. You claim at the 10 minute mark that the Soul on 80% wouldn't do 100 miles. In fact an 80% charge should get you no less than 120 miles of range. Why do you so called journalists get so much wrong when you report on EVs? You've only had 13 years to get used to the new wave of electric transport.

  7. Seem to have omitted the 30kwh Soul? I have a 2018 model and for a retired guy doing local trips it is terrific. Pretty economic too. I do feel the servicing is dearer than it should be. Like my previous Zoe I bought a 2 year old low mileage ex lease car.

  8. Arek FPV says:

    No thank you. Over £32k for a small battery. MG4 long range is cheaper.

  9. William A-D says:

    that looks like west London the area your driving around in?

  10. I do admire this guy a lot but could anybody please let him know that those tights are 2017 ? )))

  11. stu m says:

    As a main car channel people would be interested
    in WHY ev's explode,the main tv channels aren't covering the subject here is a challenge if you do a WHOLE EPISODE THAN I WILL SUBSCRIBE !!! IS THAT FAIR BUT I DOUBT YOU WILL,ARE EV'S FOREVER-NO. 😡 like everything is only for the well off,well I'm not.

  12. 001r says:

    Every time a reviewer talks about 0-60 in an everyday car I cringe.
    Know your audience and I can tell you no one owner of this car will care

  13. A Z says:

    Really like the front end of this car. Looks great. However, I can't say the same about the rear design. Too odd for my liking.

  14. Mark Mills says:

    It’s just a shame it looks so weird and the interior looks so dated

  15. It will be even more stunning when goes up in a ball of flames

  16. Ian Anderson says:

    £32k for the base new Soul with small battery puts it into competition with the MG4 Trophy with a 64kWh battery … the Soul needs to be £5k cheaper as even the MG4 SE SR matches or beats the specs of the base Soul model.

  17. For some odd reason, this Kia reminds me of a Mini 8-\…

  18. Andrew Daley says:

    Be great if What Car could do a story on the risk of battery fires – there's a lot of hype around that at the moment. Also, what are the risks around buying Chinese cars, given that they are aiding and abetting Ruzzia in Ukraine. The Chinese have pretty well-priced cars but can't help thinking that we'd be helping clean the air but also helping kill Ukrainians and Taiwanese [that war will be in the future.]

  19. They really, really need to change its name from SOUL to… Well… Almost anything else.
    KIA SOUL = Key Ar5ehole 8-))…

  20. paul d says:

    Since when did 280 miles become "a huge range"? Talk about redefining your terms in order to justify the large backwards step that EVs represent.

    To all the EV evangelists, I say you must have more money than sense.

  21. "It's perfect for cities" – Really? If you live in a flat or a terraced house like 90% of city dwellers do, where the hell do you charge the thing??

  22. Brian Allan says:

    Very informative review. No histrionics like one of the competing reviewers.

  23. hellcat1988 says:

    We need to stop calling these things SUV and start calling them what they are. Box wagons.

  24. Abdou Jouma says:

    How is this a good value especially compared to something like the MG4 which is pretty much better in every way at a waaaaaay cheaper price

  25. protagonist says:

    BYD Dolphin with fire proof Blade battery, V2L and large rotation screen for £26,000 is far better

  26. Mark silva says:

    When will you guys test the MG HS with petrol engine? It was the most sold car in January!

  27. Always liked this car though I would opt for the 64kWH model .

  28. If it had 10-80% in around 15-20 min i would buy it. But 45 min is to long.

  29. David H says:

    I bought the top spec 200hp version for my partner a couple of years ago, and she loves it.
    It's a great drive….and quite entertaining too in sport mode.
    Something to bear in mind not mentioned in the review is that all EVs suffer from diminished range in cold weather, which is something worth considering regarding the Urban model with its smaller battery.
    If finances allow, I'd recommend the Explore because that extra £6k buys you a really well rounded car that does nothing badly and a lot of things very well indeed..!!.

  30. Lando1876 says:

    Kia soul isn't an suv

  31. Patrick H says:

    Well the 1st Soul EV was the 1st EV I drove and I knew an EV was to be my next car… then a 1 year old Soul EV at a Kia dealer was between £15 and £16K with around 8000 miles on…. When the second version came out the first edition was £33K so I can’t help thinking the urban as adopted that price and the explore has the 39K pricing 🤔(explore being similar kevala to first edition)

  32. I was finding this review interesting until we got to the price ! I just paid £41,500 for the Tesla Model Y – brand new, metallic RWD. This Kia isn’t even in the same universe

  33. mike king says:

    dashboard looks dated already it now 2023

  34. Blake Clark says:

    The Niro is cheaper and the mg4 is 12k cheaper lol

  35. We have the 27kw model and it is stunning to drive. Easily gets 4.5 miles per kWh and is super quiet and comfortable. So under rated.

  36. Wazza says:

    They need to redesign it to make it more appealing, the side profile and the rear end just looks ugly

  37. Chas F says:

    Very dated styling and interior plus way overpriced. Why don't Kia give it a Niro 2 makeover it could then do well if they price it right.

  38. At minute 6:55 the Niro was checking to see if all ok lol😂

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