NEW Renault Clio E-Tech – full details on hybrid makeover! | What Car?

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The new Renault Clio E-Tech gets updated styling and even better efficiency, but what else is new? Watch to find out.

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Video chapters:
0:00 Renault’s classic hatchback
0:54 The new Clio
1:37 Trim levels
2:18 Interior
3:24 Rear seats and practicality
4:30 Engines
5:30 Clio EV or RS?
6:11 Pricing
7:05 Verdict and outro


48 Replies to “NEW Renault Clio E-Tech – full details on hybrid makeover! | What Car?”

  1. The Clio is one of the best small cars, if not the best. Anyone who has driven a lot of small cars knows that, for example, the Polo cannot provide that comfort.

  2. F K says:

    first thing id do is go to a place to restitch my steeringwheele to nappa hhaha steeringwheele has to be leather tho seats i agree with

  3. Jon Tallon says:

    what is tge point of ICE cars now? Shame it's not fully electric

  4. Dan B says:

    compared to the bizare looking small cars such as VW ID3 or BMW i3, this is sexy

  5. Lars L says:

    A diesel Clio would be better

  6. MrFlazz99 says:

    Shame there's no diesel, but that's exactly what the eurocrats want. I had a mk3 Clio DCI and never appreciated how refined it was until I replaced it with a Fiesta that feels as though it's running on flat tyres (and still makes me paranoid after two years) and is much much MUCH worse ergonomically. Back in the day I occasionally had a mk4 Clio as a dealer courtesy car and it felt dark / enclosed by comparison with the mk3. This impression and the non-availability of a CD player put me off considering a mk4 as a replacement (not to mention some dreadful customer service over a failed fuse box in my own car – nul points pour Renault…). For relative cheapness I might have considered a Dacia Sandero, but the latest version has the same lack of a CD player and the one time I drove a Sandero (a Stepway variant) I thought it felt cobbled-together, altogether very awkward. I'll accept that the latest version is probably up to mk4 Clio standards, but I didn't like the mk4 Clio. At some point I'll have to compromise and bend to the will of the tech herd, but I dread the day.

  7. Roger J Liu says:

    at least, it is not a rebadge Nissan/Mitsubishi LOL

  8. niceguy60 says:

    The diesel Clio in 2015 was getting 90 mpg and had lower CO2 8 years ago to add insult to injury was £6,000 cheaper

  9. XGundamX says:

    This will also be the new Mitsubishi Colt right?

  10. S W says:

    I heard it has more horsepower?

  11. Nick Meaker says:

    Will fall apart like most French cars

  12. I like it. A shame it isn't a plug in but for that price, that is the compromise you have to make

  13. £22k for a Clio 😂😂😂😂

  14. Um looks super generic like the golf. Also reminds me of new civic and fords. Could have designed it better. Renault designs need to be different and stand out.

  15. Gilles Vidal is spreading his magic on the renault lineup. this is the best looking clio of all time

  16. TL says:

    Terrible shame about the demise of these brilliant small cars. This is all we ever want for our daily driving needs. Very economical, easy to drive and very much more affordable than even the small EVs.

  17. Dan says:

    I don't see what's wrong with these small cars been hybrid. I have the Clio hybrid and at low speeds and in traffic, I'm mostly in electric. Until there's an alternative I honestly don't see why we can't keep making these, with Efuels in the pipeline too

  18. Wayne Heyes says:

    The 5EV WILL replace the clio in time

  19. Wayne Heyes says:

    Now made it even more impossible to buy

  20. Keith Ronson says:

    The Clio is a fantastic 'compact' hatch…but the 208 just pips it in terms of style. that said the Clio interior is up there with the best. This mid-life face-lift is over-egged! Just too much. Keep it simply. The current GT Line is a really good car.

  21. zuti071 says:

    Very nice refresh and i'm pretty sure that LPG version will be best seller on many markets acros EU. Person who pays over 20000 euros or pounds for this size of car must be really brainwashed.

  22. AndreaP says:

    I'm very curios to see how the cheaper versions will look. If they will keep the same design (hardly to believe) it may be one of the best looking small cars in the market

  23. skap 7309 says:

    Cars across the board are just so 'meh' lately, not to mention eye wateringly expensive. What is going on?

  24. The end to small fun lightweight cars. Worlds gone nuts.

  25. 68 mpg😂 never get that..
    112 top speed. 9.9secs 0-60..
    No rs…
    Boring…. and its French..

  26. steve cross says:

    Oh blimey. The comments haven’t been turned off. Wonder why you did that with the ID Buzz video. Perhaps it was because it was produced by VW and not What Car? Not a very independent review. I have always liked the Clio. The Alpine is a legendary Mark. Usually associated with sporty cars. I am not sure why this particular Clio should be wearing that badge, as it is not a sporty version.

  27. Y Y says:

    The exterior looks really nice. Drove a 2020 version and it was pretty decent

  28. Cedric says:

    French hybrid? 🤮

    How to make the ultimate garbage – replace the only good and fairly reliable thing on french cars – 1.5 diesel engine by even more electronics and tech which is made of the same stuff their croissants are. So unless you are ready to eat the car, which will probably be surprisingly delicious, then dont bother.

    Once this will come as battery only EV, it may be pretty good as in full EVs isn't all that much tech to keep them going. Good example is Zoe, haven't heard anyone complaining that their car bent in the breeze or started meeting when exposed to the aggressive, almost African like British sun.

  29. Pad A says:

    They obviously don’t want to hurt the Zoe sales but this really ought to be a #BEV like the Megane e tech

  30. If the Zoe looked like this I may be interested.. But it doesn't.

  31. Spinner says:

    Bit slow to 60mph given the power under the bonnet. My 136hp 1 series is faster than this

  32. Tanvir Ali says:

    why is every manufacturer trying to be a luxury car now? who’s going to be able to afford these?

  33. Martin LV says:

    so zoe did the thing?
    so MG2 wins?

  34. Rob Small says:

    Nice styling in that spec but if your going to use the Alpine name you could of given a performance option. Big missed opportunity

  35. savedfaves says:

    2:30 once again a car maker pretending to care about the environment while giving the user cheaper, less durable materials. Leather is much stronger and comes directly from nature and there are environmentally friendly ways to raise cows and dye leathers. Car makers should do the right thing and invest in regenerative farms which farm the right way and protect traditional craftsmanship and local economies—the small rural farm is the beating heart of all countries and if car makers actually cared for the environment they would do the right, more difficult and hard thing and not take the easy option.

  36. Neuro Weaver says:

    There is no "synthetic leather". There is only FAKE leather.
    And it cheapens the interior of any car beyond belief.

  37. Kinocchio says:

    same old same old

  38. iTech Talk says:

    “Hybrid makeover” um its the same hybrid currently found, just now it’s the only option you can buy in the UK… Not complaining though because it seems like an economical, good quality and stylish car.

  39. Wait until chinese small ev invade european market

  40. ciyber sal says:

    BYD dolphin is better, proper EV with blade battery

  41. r adam says:

    Nice looking car, hats off to renault for the regular hybrid offer to compete with the japanese and koreans.

  42. I was getting hopeful when I saw the title of the video, mistakenly thinking that this is a PHEV…

  43. Car Babble says:

    Nothing too wow going on here. Curious to know the real world mpg with all the hybridness. My guess is it'll net be barely better than a 1-1.2 turbo petrol.

  44. A Z says:

    I like it 🙂

  45. i like the colour and the Vegan interior.

  46. Sarg Fowler says:

    Nice to see a small hybrid, but not sure whether this just ticks the box or whether it really adds to the cars economy?
    I would have preferred to see an external charger port and a bigger battery, but I guess the price reflects this.
    The battery appears to be the same 1.2Kw/h unit as before.
    I find the choice of 1.6 petrol engine rather odd considering the decent 1.0L turbo engines around these days.
    Finally, even with 143bhp, it just scrapes the 10s time for 0-60mph!

  47. Not to be picky or anything but I personaly think that it's a mistake to do what manifacturers are doing now but they can't help it if they are forced by EU ecomentalists aka birocrates

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