NEW Titleist T200 vs T350 – The Next Level of "GAME IMPROVEMENT" Iron….

In this video we put the brand new Titleist T200 against it’s slightly chunkier sibling, the Titleist T350.

Average swing speeds and fast swing speeds used in this in depth head to head test and review of these two new stunning irons from Titleist.

Covering looks, sound, feel, forgiveness and performance at 2 swing speeds, we cover it all!


0:00 – Intro
01:21 – Looks Comparison
03:16 – Sound & Feel Comparison
06:12 – T200 Hitting – Full Speed
07:38 – T350 Hitting – Full Speed
09:06 – T200 Hitting – Slower Speed
10:28 – T350 Hitting – Slower Speed
11:37 – Performance Numbers – Slower Speed
13:39 – Performance Numbers – Full Speed
16:10 – Forgiveness Test – T200
17:56 – Forgiveness Test – T350
19:34 – Summary


22 Replies to “NEW Titleist T200 vs T350 – The Next Level of "GAME IMPROVEMENT" Iron….”

  1. Kevin Meeks says:

    The T350 look pretty good for a mid-large iron. Will need to give them a try.

  2. Bas Kooij says:

    Im gaming the t300's and would love for someone to do a comparison between the 300 and 350. Very few reviewers focus on the 350.

  3. Joe Lane says:

    Hi! So assuming someone’s irons are too long for them, the impact location tends to be where? The shot direction tends to be where?
    Also, as far as static measuring, do you still do wrist to floor or knuckles to floor?
    What length would generally constitute going down a 1/4 inch? I know static is not as important as the actual delivery, but as a general guide.
    Thank you!!

  4. Great great review thanks. Have the srxion zx 4 I play off 7 but have been really struggling with my irons past 6 months . Might try out the t200 and 350 longer irons

  5. snigie says:

    Great! Another club to consider for my fitting next week haha

  6. Love this video and I think for the mid to higher handicapper a blend of 4/5/6/7 in the 350 and then 8/9/PW in the 200 would look awesome in the bag.

    Hoping for a head to head with the New 200 or 350 vs the new P790. That to me would be an awesome match up 😃👍👍

  7. I just ordered T350s. 6 -Gw. Tensei Red in A flex.

  8. KL says:

    Forgiveness is a curious thing. I play some vintage Miura MC irons that should be much less forgiving than other irons I've owned like AP1 or 921 Hot Metal Pro. But I've shot my best scores with the Miuras. Maybe there's something to the playability these scratch players speak of. I wouldn't know what the scratch life is like

  9. Ron Langfus says:

    Execellent review. Would like to see many more off center strikes, high, low, heel ,tow to get a more comprehensive test of forgiveness. Keep up,the great work.

  10. Looking forward to trying the new Titleist & Callaway Apex range. Hope they spin 🙏

  11. Isaac Keren says:

    Thanks for a great review. For the lower speed around 80 would you recommend the stiff or regular shafts for the T200 and T350 respectively?

  12. MrWubzHD says:

    i would love to see a compare of low swing speeds when its comes to the T150 vs T200

  13. What ball did you use sir? Thanks for the review!

  14. Paul McGee says:

    Never understood who's been tapping the back of their irons. Never touch mine. They are for hitting balls

  15. T200s are like cheating. I’ve hit shots I wasn’t expecting much and they were awesome.

  16. Freddy m says:

    Maybe silly question, for very high speed players (100mph+ 6 iron), would there be an issue with blending a set of irons with T200 in 5 iron down, and T150 in 6 iron up? Also, for the same type of speed do you almost always fit into 130g+ shafts? Or are there good portion in 120 gram shafts as well?

  17. Nice comparison. I was fitted into the previous T200 irons a couple months ago and they said I could try the new ones when they came out and just pay the difference if I like them better. I ended up keeping the old ones after trying them back to back. The 2023 T200 irons flew 5 yards lower with 40 degree descent angle vs 45 degrees with the old with 6 irons for me and everything else felt the same.

  18. Purrly says:

    Love it! Just out of curiosity do you have a go to shaft when doing iron testing?

  19. Sean Condon says:

    Great video. Appreciate the details about sound and feel and the honest reactions. Great to see head to head testing, not hust reciting Titleist's talking points.

  20. Could you do the same comparison between the T150 and T200 with slower swing speed. I have a low handicap but have lost a lot of swing speed due to shoulder problems. Thx, Ric

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