New York City Apartment Hunting! | Touring 11 Apartments in Manhattan, Tips, 1 Bedrooms | LN x NYC

EEEKKKK can you believe we are moving to NYC?! I am so grateful for this amazing opportunity. Thank you all for being here, every single one of you made this happen. I love you and will see you Thursday. Xoxo, Lauren

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46 Replies to “New York City Apartment Hunting! | Touring 11 Apartments in Manhattan, Tips, 1 Bedrooms | LN x NYC”

  1. Mikhala says:

    Southern girl here who moved to a big city (Boston in 2016) – I wish this video had existed then! Not only do you give us great views and entertainment, but this is really helpful info. LN you are a visionary! I hope you LOVE NYC!

  2. Pit School says:

    Girl, you favor Hayden Panitierre!

  3. C&H says:

    I like how the view wasn't even on her list but she passed on a lot that had her musts but no view

  4. So happy you and Will!🍎

  5. Caitlyn Hall says:

    I’m looking to move to nyc for college and have been looking at apartments in Manhattan. What price range were most of these in?

  6. jonathan _ says:

    No to pry, but what kind of budget were you working with and what were these units going for?

  7. Do you know what 'amused' means?

  8. Bee says:

    The ending is sooo Carrie Bradshaw and I am living for it! Congratulations you two, can’t wait to see what NYC has in store! 🍎🎉

  9. So gossip giiiirrrrlll 💖💖 love the new sophisticated style

  10. 🍎🍏so excited about these new videos ooooo, your videos will be so cool seeing a big city like NY!!!

  11. It would be nice if you had said the names of the buildings and the average rents. Since you didn't choose any of these, it would at least help anyone who is watching and interested in living in NYC.

  12. Instead of Eloise in NY, it is Lauren Norris in NY!!!

  13. So excited can’t wait to see what New York content you make

  14. New viewer here… and native New Yorker… just remember NYC is more than manhattan. Explore the boroughs, they are lovely

  15. Congratulations!! LN 🍎💖💖

  16. Anna Hunter says:

    the brown sugar oat milk shaken espresso is actually made with oat milk by default!! so u shouldn't have to modify the milk :))

  17. Taína pura says:

    So clearly she is staying in a very expensive hotel . had overpriced coffee delivered to her suite . Keeps referencing college meaning recent grad ?? . so am I the only one wondering what degree she has to be able to afford these apartments 😉.

  18. Donuts&Babes says:

    I wish you had stated prices while showing

  19. I am so proud of you, you deserve this I can’t wait for all of the nyc content xoxo Imani 🍎 🌷🤍

  20. Yeah🎉 on to the city

  21. Sara McCann says:

    The brown sugar shaken espresso automatically comes with oatmilk

  22. Sabina says:

    They all have the worst views 😂 The best view is of nature or beautiful architecture like in Europe

  23. Um Slay queen! Honestly NYC is totally you! I really feel like you are about to step into the best version of yourself and really thrive in this new chapter of your life. You Got this Lauren! God Bless : )

  24. Emily Mullen says:

    I’m so excited for you! I’m about to jump into the process myself-I’m nervous, excited and so so ready to get to the city. I feel like we’ve been in a long distance relationship for the past year. Once I get there, let’s get coffee! Lol ☕️❤️

  25. Anika Noelle says:

    so awesome girly congratulations on your apartment

  26. I’ve been watching you since you first went to Alabama & to see you here is truly inspiring! I love this for you and wish you nothing but the best ❤️ can’t wait to see you build your life here!

  27. Abby Wallace says:

    The one you got weird vibes from is the one Anna heid is staying in while her apartment flooded

  28. Girl the money those apartments cost 😢 I hope you find your home ❤sweet home ❤

  29. taryn_g says:

    I know that you don't share your budget because that's personal information, but as someone who might be moving to the city in the nearish future, I'm dying to know what the rent on these places was 😓

  30. Maya White says:


  31. Girl, most people in new york don't even have laundry in building, its incredibly common to have to pay for laundry whether it be in a laundry room, at a laundromat, or sending it out. Also, some constructive feedback, but this isn't the proper use of the word amused

  32. I Dream to be like you Lauren! love your videos soo much! X 🍎🌸

  33. Most people I know in NYC Send their laundry out for service with pick up/delivery.
    When I lived in NYC on the UES they charged $1/lb for laundry. Saves time and money.
    So that's why a lot of people don't care about having washer/dryer in their apartment.
    Many do not use the laundry in the building. They send it out.

  34. Erika S says:

    Have fun with the rats in New York 🤢

  35. Erika S says:

    People acting weird towards you might just be how people are in the Northeast

  36. wow… how it slowly turned from Legally Blond to Sex and the City. Exited to see your new adventures!

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